Friday, February 5, 2016

Midnight Triplets CD Cover Retrospective

So, I continue my tradition of not working on Lilian Slave Pricing, with this, the Midnight Triplets CD cover.  I was originally going to try my hand at some liner notes, and I might do that this weekend, but then, maybe not.  This actually came about because I was thinking about doing liner notes for 5 Thick Bitches, so I went and found the artist's pixiv (as you do) and when I got to it, I found this picture, and decided that it would make a really good CD cover for a femdom band.  The brown thing in the girl's mouth, by the way, is the boy's ear.  He's a bunnyboy or something.  Took me a while to work out that it wasn't her freaky snake-tongue.

The tracklist for these is supposed to have a BDSM theme, as in, things specific to the bondage and sexual sadism world, as opposed to the generalized femdom that permeates everything the Lilians do anyway.  Not all of them fit the theme perfectly, but they're mostly on-topic, which is good.  It's nice that there's something resembling a progression between the front and back covers.  The artist doesn't really do characters twice, but he'll often do variations on the same picture.  I like this picture, even though the girls are wearing clothes, it still comes off looking pretty interesting.  They look dommy, he looks subby, and it works, overall.  The phone creates something of a continuity issue, but at this point, I've kinda stopped caring about that.  The fonts are kinda fun.  I like it.


So yeah, today was kind of a cop-out.  Next week, I'll be doing some more SuperSoft pamphlet, maybe getting back to Sailor Sluts, and possibly releasing some intro pages for a Gonzo Guide, which is about Lilian Gonzo Porn.  The next few weeks to month might be a bunch of porno discussion, since it's kinda something that I haven't really covered yet. 

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