Monday, February 8, 2016

Sailor Sluts Actress Intros 1

These are the character intros for the Sailor Sluts Actresses.  They essentially give each actress her own (unnecessarily colorful) backstory. 


Who are the sluts?
Why do they rut?
Where are they from?
How quick can they come?

no_dial_42 - SAILOR SLUTS

no_dial_38 - Thank you for your purchase of Shingo and the Sailor Sluts!  This acclaimed Lilian film is beloved by many, but the story doesn't stop here.  The Sailor Sluts team has worked long and hard to bring you the ultimate in Sailor-Moon erotica, and we've got five more films that you'll *definitely* be interested in! 

no_dial_19 - Sofia Torres, who plays Ami Mizuno, is a Lilian convert from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She came to know Our Goddess at the age of 16, while she was smuggling boys and their mothers onto shipping vessels bound for the Ladies' Republic of Iraq.  Eventually, she decided to board one of those container ships herself.  Upon her arrival, she worked in military logistics and supply, before meeting the rest of the team in a Mosul bar, selling her truck, and using the cash to help make Shingo and the Sailor Sluts.  Her hobbies include sport shooting, off-road racing, and tending to her spirit herb.  She's currently single, but is courting a number of Mosul Temple rental submissives. 

no_dial_20 - Kaori Upas brilliantly portrays Rei Hino in the Sailor Sluts series.  Hailing from the "suburbs" of Sapporo, in Hokkaido, Kaori is a born Lilian, who first made her money selling spirit-herb/life-spore combo-capsules, before moving on to spearhead the burgeoning Lilian Erotic Audio scene.  She developed a love of Middle Eastern culture and cuisine while broadcasting radio propaganda in the short-lived Ladies' Republic of Afghanistan, and when the government there fell, she escaped to Mosul.  Aside from writing and recording erotic audio, and of course, starring in Sailor Sluts, Kaori enjoys the arts, and has developed quite the collection of traditional Arabic and Persian music and dance recordings. 

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