Monday, February 8, 2016

Sailor Sluts Actress Intros 1 Retrospective

Once again, never say that I don't actually listen to comments.  These would have been yet another video ad if I hadn't realized (because somebody told me) that I hadn't actually told you, the reader, who the Sailor Sluts actually are.  I had my headcanon, and I sort of applied it in the interviews, but I never actually shared the story with the readers.  So it ended up being a little on the confusing side.   Hopefully that is remedied somewhat with these.


The first page is actually a cover page, because this is a non-official release, as in, it's coming out of the private Lilian marketplace, and not from the Temple community.  In my headcanon (heh) things that come out of the Temple community have a cover page that is just straight violet, with the Lilian symbol (which is apparently some kind of Hecate sigil in the "real" world) slapped right in the middle, and the color of the Lilian symbol changes based on the content of the pamphlet or magazine or whatever.  So guides would have a red symbol, while magazines would have a dark blue symbol, and maybe little storybook collections would have a yellow symbol.  You get the picture.  That element may or may not happen, but I do plan to separate these somehow, when I organize them for their final release on exhentai. 
Anyway, this page is just a cover page, and also, I liked this picture, and wanted to use it.  So I did. 

The second picture is another one that features multiple 'sluts', so it's good for a general intro page.  I especially like Jupiter's pic, at the bottom.  She looks very juicy :)
The text for this one is pretty to the point, it's essentially just introducing the concept of the catalog as being included with the Shingo and the Sailor Sluts tape, in the same way that CheaperThanDirt will send you nonstop catalogs along with all your eastern-european military surplus crap.  It also establishes that the pics are doing double duty, introducing you to the girls, while also selling you the followup to SatSS.

The third picture is Ami, and these might change order for the Omnibus, but then, they might not.   I like this picture, it's kind of an interesting take on the 69 position, where the boy does most of the contorting.  Very femdom.  I'm sure the blood rushing to his head probably makes this an interesting position for him, too. 
The text tells the story of Sofia Torres, which, you know, I didn't need to make her a criminal, but I wanted her story in particular to imply more of a rough upbringing, since she's a little more down to earth in her appraisals of the Lilian faith than a lot of the people that we meet in these.  I also kind of wanted to make her a little more sympathetic, like, yeah, she's putting people on container ships, but at a certain point, she's doing it too.  And I imagine the implication is that they're going towards a better life  Are coyotes the bad guys?  There is a difference between smuggling and trafficking.  Her hobbies are kind of meant to

The last picture features Kaori, jacking a boy off, while he sniffs her pussy.  Classy, right?  Well, it certainly fits with her character.  I don't know why she's wearing a tennis visor. 
The text was largely designed to give Kaori a backstory that would both lead her towards Mosul, and also get her addicted to heroin.  I manage to actually make her Ainu this time, and you're supposed to read between the lines to work out that she was raised in a slum (or at least some kind of public housing project) where she became a low-level drug dealer, used the cash to buy some recording equipment, and did erotic audio. 
Then, her silky-smooth voice and way with words led her to the middle east, where she served the Ladies' Renaissance (if you haven't played Taisen, this won't make sense to you) in Afghanistan, which is basically where all (or most) of the raw opium material comes from.  So that's where, in the story, she gets addicted to opiates.  When the Ladies' Republic of Afghanistan falls apart (because of course it would), she flees to the Ladies' Republic of Iraq, so she can stay close to the cheap dope, which is kind of talked around here as "cuisine and culture".  Her hobbies are supposed to represent what junkies tend to do when they have nothing but dope and time.  Fuck, listen to music, and watch pretty stuff. 


So I'm thinking that I'll either be doing another round of SemiSoft, or possibly a grimoire page for wednesday, and then the last half of this for friday.  I'm kind of deciding whether I really want to continue SemiSoft, or whether I've said all that needs to be said about that topic, and I should just leave it alone.  It's difficult, because I've got 2 other sets that I can use.  We'll see how it goes.  If I do the rest of SemiSoft, though, I'll probably wind up being a pamphlet, which means I'll have to redo some of the intros to match that new format.  We'll see what happens.  

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