Friday, February 12, 2016

Sailor Sluts Actress Intros 2

This is the second half of the Actress Intros for the Sailor Sluts catalog.  It basically just goes through their backstories, and we also get a little advertisement, for good measure.


Sluts on the step
Rolling to Mosul
If you doubt their rep
You are but a fool


no_dial_22 - Crowd Favorite Layla Daher is a Lebanese national, whose depiction of Makoto Kino wowed the critics, and sent Shingo and the Sailor Sluts straight to the top!  Born and raised in the port town of Tripoli, Layla got her start as a Pioneer Youth Group leader for the Ladies' Renaissance Party of Lebanon.  Her unsurprising popularity with the boys led the Party Officials to investigate, but with the help of her local coven, she managed to escape to Mosul.  After about a year of managing adult slaves for the Mosul Temple, she met the Sailor Sluts crew, and the rest is history!  In her off time, Layla enjoys bellydancing, cooking, and watching old B-movies and Lilian softcore flicks with her two slaves.

no_dial_26 - Frida Eld not only serves as the Executive Producer of the Sailor Sluts franchise, but also plays the illustrious Minako Aino.  Frida is a born Lilian, from Uppsala, Sweden.  She's been with the Temple her entire life, and did a number of Slave Management tours in Northern Sweden, Western Canada, and Southern Iraq, before tiring of the domesticated 'dorm mother' career path that she'd been following.  The "Oilfield Track" does have its perks, however, namely, *lots* of cash, and Frida decided to take her savings, move to Mosul, and invest in her first film, Shingo and the Sailor Sluts.  In her spare time, Frida plays bass guitar in a reggae/dabke fusion band, called "The Rasta Kittens".

no_dial_37 - Laura Aston plays the buxom and bubbly Usagi Tsukino, and represents the quintessential 'Sailor Slut'.  She's a convert from Vancouver, Canada, who worked as a primary schoolteacher before learning about Our Goddess.  Upon becoming a Lilian, she toured the Temples of the world, thoroughly enjoying her acolyte discounts, before finally settling down in Mosul to teach English at the Temple Schoolhouse.  She met the other Sluts during the Samhain orgy, wowing them with her erotic skillset.  Laura's hobbies include knitting, beading, and cardmaking.

no_dial_38 - Thank you for your purchase of Shingo and the Sailor Sluts!  This acclaimed Lilian film is beloved by many, but the story doesn't stop here.  The Sailor Sluts team has worked long and hard to bring you the ultimate in Sailor-Moon erotica, and we've got five more films that you'll *definitely* be interested in! 

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