Friday, February 12, 2016

Sailor Sluts Actress Intros 2 Retrospective

Hooray, I've been somewhat on schedule this week!  Probably has something to do with the fact that I wrote the bulk of this week's stuff early, but whatever, on schedule is on schedule, and I am most definitely that.  I think these came out reasonably well, although I kind of wish I'd given the 2 European girls more colorful backstories.


The first page picture is a nice and fun one.  She looks like she's ready to dig in.  It's a little strange when you realize that she's not actually sitting, but hey, whatever.  She squats boys.  Everybody needs a hobby, right?
The text starts off by acknowledging her popularity, which is a nice little intro.  It then goes into her backstory, which is really influenced by the LRI storyline from Taisen.  All of these sort of have to be, since the girls are literally operating their porno studio out of Mosul.  I'm not sure if her two slaves are the ones in the picture, but I guess it would work if they were, since they're dark skinned.  They look Iraqi enough.  Iraqis have purple hair, right?  Her hobbies were picked to make her seem domestic, but with a delightful hipster streak.

The second page picture is one that I'm glad I got to use, and I kind of saved it for last.  The boys' expressions contrasted with hers are solid gold. 
The text here is mostly about Frida being kind of a 'model lilian' before getting into the porno scene.  It also establishes that the Lilians are totally cool with oil drilling.  Now, you'd think that being hardcore environmentalists, they'd be against drilling, but really, if there's money in it, I imagine they'd do it.  Maybe they'd draw a line at something like Selasin trees, but then, maybe not.  The general idea would probably be that they're willing to do 'bad things' for a little while, to make enough money to survive, and fund their revolution.  Then they won't have to do those 'bad things' anymore.  Worked for the FARC, and it'll work for them, right?  Her hobby is kind of a shoutout to Raffi from Jagged Alliance, by the way.

The third page picture is another nice one, although the resolution left something to be desired.  I had to cut it down a bit, to fit any text in.  Kind of an uncomfortable position for the boy, there.  Very femdom.
The text here was really influenced (dictated) by the Usagi interview.  I couldn't really deviate from it much, which sucked, because I kinda wanted to make her a low-level criminal like the others.  I settled for just having her be a nympho dilettante, instead.  I mean, she's a traveling english teacher.  That's kinda the one skill that doesn't really take much effort, or study.  TESL is like 200USD and a week's worth of common sense bullshit.  I've met a lot of traveling english teachers in my time, and while I understand why they do it, it doesn't make me respect them any more.  Her hobbies are meant to kind of meant to drive home how domestic and boring she is.  Although the archery does suggest an upper-middle class early education.

The last page is just a random pic that I kinda liked, and I felt like it would be of use somewhere.  That somewhere is here.  Not much to say about this page, it's just a shortform advertisement, because I haven't actually had too many of those, lately.  Depending on how I'm going to use the generic specials, I might need a bunch more of these.  Of course, they're easy as hell to make, so I'm sure it won't be a problem.


So there's this week done.  I'll be updating the omnibus after I get done releasing this in earnest.  Next week is mostly going to be SuperSoft, and probably a little one-shot about how you shouldn't push boys into extreme sexual situations.

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