Monday, February 1, 2016

SuperSoft Dance Video 1

This is the first half of the SuperSoft Dance Video set.  It discusses an element of the Lilian porno world that we haven't seen yet. 


They won't be fucking on this tape
You won't be seeing pussies gape
Or learning how his cock is shaped


fillertowel6 - Quick, what's the highest grossing Lilian made film?  Le Petit Bouton?  Something from the Nefertiti Jones series?  Night Journey '82?  Not even close.  It's called "My 2 Mommies", and it features absolutely zero sex.  How is that possible?  Well, before we talk about that, I have another question for you.  How many Lilians are there, *really*?  10,000?  50,000?  100,000 at most, right?  We're a big group, but we're not *that* big.  We can't sustain our relaxed lifestyles on nothing but the labor of our adult sons, especially when so many of us live in areas where production and manufacturing simply isn't profitable.  Sure, we can sell porn, but we're only really selling it to each other.  So how do we get money from outside?  Well, my little one and I have taken up a long-standing tradition of creating what's called 'SuperSoft' erotica, which tends to focus on steamy, sensual, scenes, that don't *quite* cross that line into actual porn.  They're written and filmed in a way that provides the viewer with a seriously stimulating experience, but *doesn't* present any sort of legal risk.  This particular film is called, "Oksana and Maksim's Prance and Play 26".  Officially, it's a 'nudist cultural dance exhibition'.  It's 34 minutes long, and it retails for over 250 US Dollars. 

fillertowel5 - The first step to any production is talent-prep, and we take no shortcuts!  We do this in between every scene, and we like to have fun with it.  The scenes, honestly, get us all pretty worked up, so we'll have a little mini-orgy just to get some relief between shoots.  It's a lot of fun, but it also serves a very real purpose for us.  We're dependent on these films being legal, and different markets have different rules on what can be shown.  There's no problems on my end, but sometimes, the boy can't be hard.  In that case, we have to get him all tuckered out, sexually, before each scene.  So us girls will take turns bringing him off, until he runs out of juice.  In other places, he's allowed to be hard, but he can't come, so I'll give him one off the wrist real quick, before we start filming to keep him nice and relaxed.  In the more restrictive countries, we can't show his cock at all, so we have to get him all stiff and on the edge, so he won't be flopping into the shot by accident.  Of course, he's so worked up, that I'll always have to get a wipedown after each scene!

fillertowel8 - We have a bunch of different scenes that we do for the dance videos, but I'll just go through some of the archetypes.  This particular film is one of the ones that's made for the 'no-penis' countries.  Funny thing about these videos, though, having a bit of mystery is often far more erotic than a full-frontal show, and we can do a lot more, when there's a little white sheet covering the 'action'.  We'll often start off with a lapdance type scene.  Maksim will hop on my lap, facing, me, and the music will start.  We'll gently sway back and forth to the rhythm together, gazing into each other's eyes.  When the beat starts to pick up a little bit, I'll drop my arms down to his waist, showing my tits off for the camera, but still keeping his boyhood hidden.  He'll stroke and grope at my breasts, which, since I'm his mother, is considered 'non-sexual affection'.  At the climax of the song, I'll grab his ass and pull him in close to me, so he can bury his face in my tits, and dry hump himself off onto my tummy.  As long as we stay on the beat of the song, it's still just dancing! 

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