Monday, February 1, 2016

SuperSoft Dance Video 1 Retrospective

This one was really fun to make and think about.  I'm actually planning on making this one a series, since Abubu actually has like 3 or 4 different sets featuring these two characters.  I've got 3 of these planned, with the first one (this one) totally prewritten.  So I hope you find this idea interesting, because you'll be seeing a lot of it.  I've also got a more hardcore Lilian porno rundown/guide in the works, it's almost totally prewritten.  I'm using a different style for it, more like the older stuff, less wordy, more guideish.  We'll see how it comes out.  I'm trying to be really narrative with these, by the way. 


The first picture was a little tough to pick, since there are so many good pictures to choose from.  I decided on this one, because it shows off her tits, and a lot of the pictures actually don't.  It's also kinda sweet.  Originally, this was going to be the outro pic, but I decided to restructure the story, and this ended up being the intro instead.
The text here is largely an explanation of what SuperSoft actually is, and who these characters are.  I kinda added in their names at the last minute, but I'm really glad that I gave them names.  I'm also glad that I gave them Ukrainian names.  Feels more realistic, considering what they're actually doing here.  These sorts of operations are a real thing, although.... I'm exaggerating here, for effect.  They're not quite as blatant with it (anymore), but the mentality is still very much there.  It's not some cultural Ukrainian thing, either.  Anywhere there's nudists, there are people who like to do shit like this.  Again, I'm exaggerating for the sake of the story, but I'm not exaggerating that much.  Nobody would spend 150 USD on a video of some kids at a cookout.  But if they're nudists, suddenly that price is a steal.
Anyway, back to the text.  Y'all don't come here for the theological ramblings and social commentary, you come here for the theological ramblings and social commentary (not so) cleverly hidden behind a veneer of eroticism!
So basically, they're making barely-legal porn.  If you've been on 8chan's /b/, and haven't set your filters yet, you've seen this stuff.  If you've ever been anywhere near masterchan, you've seen a lot of this stuff.  I imagine that the Lilians would most likely be selling this sort of thing, since, realistically, they can't actually be running a CP empire completely under the nose of the cops.  But they can certainly be doing that whole 'skirt the laws' thing, and knowing the Lilians, they'd probably have had a hand in writing the laws, just to keep prices high. 
I was originally going to call the thing, "Oksana and Maksim's Party and Play 26", but "Party and Play" is a term for smoking meth and having gay sex.  So I changed it.  The pricing seems excessive at first, but it's actually kind of realistic, all things considered.  I mean, this isn't camcorder at the nude beach.  This is specifically made to entice and arouse, while still being legal.  I imagine people outside the normal Lilian world would pay a premium for that.

The second page picture is cut off at the mom's (I think it's actually his sister, but whatever) arm, but the hand applying the cream looked kinda mannish, and also I wanted the stagelamp in there, so I decided to chop it off at the arm, rather than rewrite.  Hopefully I'll be able to control myself character-wise, for the next bits.
The text sort of continues on about the filmmaking process, but we get a little bit of narrative, when discussing what they can and can't show, and how they get their boy star ready for filming.  It's a nice little way of making it obvious that yes, they are all fucking, they're just not doing it on camera.  Yet another bit of social commentary, from my end, combined with some sex narrative, and some mild guide content and storybuilding.  Truly a masterpiece, this page turned out to be.  I might have to print it out and put it on my fridge.
The other sets, by the way, are going to discuss different kinds of films that they make, for these different places.  So here, they're allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, thematically, as long as it fits within that paper-thin excuse of 'cultural dance'.  They can't show the boy's dick, but that's pretty much their only restriction.  They can show his ass, and they can show his balls.  And they do. 
One set is essentially going to be in a place where they can show the boy's cock, and they can show him hard, but he's not allowed to be shown to be hard for more than a certain percentage of the film.  So for part of the film, he's rockin floppy, but the way that they really get around this, is by having a huge part of the runtime be in a bathtub, with his crotch beneath the bubbles.  Since the average film is only like 20 or 30 minutes anyway, it's no big deal to put in a 45 minute bathtub scene, where they just play in the bathtub, and then have the rest of the movie with him standing at attention.  The big thing, though, is that they have to frame the whole thing within the theological confines of some faith.  So she dresses up like a forest nymph, and they pay lip service to the sanctity of nature. 
The last set, as far as I've worked out, is going to be like a combo between a dance model, and a play model.  So 'non-sexual affection or play' will most likely be really defined for that one.  It'll be the most liberal one, too.  So I'll do it last.

Oh, before I start on the next page, I imagined in my headcanon that the CD they package this with would probably be something between this and this.  More of the latter, than the former, but there would plenty of elements of the former.

If you really like that sort of music, by the way, here's some links to both CDs.  They're pretty deece.

The third page picture is kind of an interesting one, because you actually can't see anything.  It's weird, right?  This is why I didn't use this set until today.  I was kind of looking through the different sets, trying to find one that I could use as sort of a palate cleanser, and I came across this one.  Since I've been doing so much prewriting about Lilian porn, I decided that this set would be great as kind of like a practice.  Of course, it's becoming its own little pamphlet.  Or at least a set of sets.  Anyway, yeah, you can't see anything in the picture, but the boy is obviously in a lapdance position, which makes this a great place to kind of discuss Lilian lapdances, which I've been meaning to do for a while.
Segue into the text!  This is actually the first part that she talks about the real production, and most likely, the entire rest of this conceptual set is going to be written with the assumption that you know what SuperSoft (I really love that name by the way) actually is.  She starts off with a very short intro, before getting right into the sexual narrative.
The sexual narrative is really straightforward and linear.  It kind of requires you to actually be listening to a danceable tune to really appreciate it, but... eh, that's probably just me being a faggot.  I like that I was able to kind of work the laws into the narrative, and into what they're doing.  I imagine that they'd be super-informed as to what is and is not acceptable, and they'd make sure to skirt that line as much as possible.  It also kind of reinforces the idea that the Lilians basically have an army of lawyers to protect their organization.


So, clearly I am enjoying writing this story.  We'll see how long that lasts.  If I get back to the schedule, you can expect either the tail end of this, or some more Lilian Slave Pricing, or possibly a CD cover, depending on how long old Davie can cope with the internet withdrawal.  I'm taking a break on Sailor Sluts for now.  

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