Thursday, February 4, 2016

SuperSoft Dance Video 2 Retrospective

Welp, looks like I'm actually on schedule this time.  That's nice.  We'll see how long I can keep it up.  

Not very long, apparently.  I wrote this yesterday, but then I kept getting interrupted when I tried to write the retrospective.  So anyway, this is the second half of the SuperSoft Dance video set.  Apparently you guys like it (or don't?) because the pageviews for this one are much higher than usual.  Of course, it might just be because it's a new story. 


So, first page picture.  This is a nice one.  She's carrying him!  I imagine that's hell on her back, but, you know, who cares, as long as everyone's having fun?  Nice little shot of the goods here, too.  I love that Abubu made these sets so modest, when it comes to the boy's dick.  It makes everything so much easier for me.  This is actually a really fun story. 
The text for this one basically has to do a bunch of things, because the next few pages are really pic-heavy.  We kind of go in and out of sexual narrative, and it's more just regular narrative, since there isn't really much sex in these scenes.  A big part of this page is discussing the audience, and what they're getting out of these films.  I actually was planning on describing the different types of Lilian Nudist Erotica in the intro, I had them all mapped out, from the (kids wearing) lingerie pics, to the (kids) running around naked pics, all the way up to the pantomiming of sex that we'll be seeing in the next few pages.  I ran out of characters though, so I'll probably be discussing them more organically.  It's better that way anyway. 
So we get a little bit of narrative, mixed in with the discussion.  I was imagining this song for the fast dance, and this one for the slower dance.  Again, links below if you dig those sounds.

 I tried to think about ways to sex this dance up, but in the end, I just decided to make it a cooldown instead, and have that contribute to the storyline of "everybody's jerking off to these movies, and the people making them are aware of this".

The second page picture is one that I bounced around about using, since it's got so much ballsack in it, but in the end, I decided that it would be better to use it, and just make something clever up.  The resolution required me to either control my characters, or resize the picture.  I decided to control the characters, since I've noticed that y'all seem to prefer less actual writing ಠ_ಠ
The text here is largely guide based, but there's a decent amount of narrative there, too.  The interesting thing here, is that they can't really do a whole lot of really erotic stuff, because he's visibly naked.  It has to be tempered, whereas when he's covered by the sheet, they can go crazy, as we'll see in the next page. 

Man m5k, you sure are good at segues!  Why thank you, I really do try <3  The third page picture is basically just the second page picture, but with sexier faces, and a big ol' sheet covering up the action.  There's not much to say about it, other than, 'useful from a narrative perspective, but not particularly interesting for the audience'.
The text for this one is much more narrative than the last.  I get to reiterate that this is supposed to be a cultural dance exhibition, which is nice, and I get to use the phrase, 'nestled in nice and tight between my thighs', which, let me tell you, was a battle to fit in, from a text formatting perspective.  I fought hard for that phrase, though, because I think it really calls up  a good mental image.  This 10 minute juggernaut, by the way, is what I was imagining for the song. 
I do wonder how legal this movie would actually be.  I mean, I don't watch nudist videos, but they seem like they're not at all like this.  I know on the different /ss/ boards, they'll sometimes have little movie clip gifs, which I really don't like, by the way, I think it brings the wrong crowd.  But that's neither here nor there.  The point is, you do sometimes see this sort of thing, but it's never quite like this.  I mean, bacchanelles des adolescentes (?) aside, do you ever really see them going beyond the mostly innocent and humor-intensive in these films?  That's a real question, by the way, I'm a 2D kind of guy.  Oh yeah, they kinda do in sweet movie, but there, it's the woman who's naked, and they film that in a way that makes it look a lot worse than it actually is.  Well, just looked at that one link in the 8chan thread, maybe they do have similar scenes in movies, but I don't think they ever really make the whole movie like that, so most likely this would be sort of a coveted genre, with its own little niche.  Interesting to think about, at any rate.


So, I'll probably do some writing either today or tomorrow, and I'm thinking it'll be for Lilian Slave Pricing, since I really need to actually finish that one.  Next week will most likely be more of this, and of course, whenever the Malheur standoff ends, we'll be getting another Kinky Cowgirl CD cover.  It might be a while, though, Cliven Bundy is now telling the holdouts to keep holding out, and there's only 4 of them, so their supplies don't have to be stretched as much.  We'll see what happens.  

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