Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SuperSoft Dance Video 2

This is the second half of the SuperSoft Dance video set.  It basically goes through the rest of the 'no penis allowed' dance scenes.


Merry Carry
Wrestled and Nestled
Pantomime till you slime 


fillertowel7 - Once I've gotten my lapdance, it's Maksim's turn to relax and be pampered.  We fade to black between scenes/songs, and when the two of us come back into focus, I'm holding him tight, and he's giggling adorably, while I shimmy and shake around the room.  This scene's mostly about me and my body.  It seems odd, until you realize that the audience for these is mostly straight guys and bi girls.  Maksim's an integral part of the film, but the ones who *just* want to see a boy, are going to the Ultrasoft videos.  You know the ones, they're just some naked boy picking wildflowers in a forest, or playing on a beach, or rolling around and giggling in a patch of clover...  Yeah, I don't watch them either.  But they *are* popular, with the 'lots of cats' crowd.  At any rate, the songs for these scenes are usually pretty fast paced and a little percussion heavy, so I can really move my ass!  At the peaks of each chord progression, I'll normally either bend over and shake my tits in Maksim's face, or lean back, so we can plant kisses all over each other's cheeks.  Sometimes we'll use a slower song, and I'll sway back and forth, while Maksim leans in to kiss my neck.  These scenes are normally used as either a 'cooldown' after a particularly erotic scene, or as the buildup to one. 

fillertowel4 - Speaking of 'particularly erotic scenes', we get to the real draw of these films.  These scenes are why we named our dance videos 'Prance and *Play*' as opposed to "Dance and Prance" or "Play Day".  It's very convenient at times, to be able to say that you're 'play-wrestling'.  These scenes play out pretty much as you'd expect.  He pins me, and I moan.  I pin him, and he moans.  Sometimes his face ends up in my tits, sometimes it ends up near my cunt.  Lots of close ups, either way.  We just have to make sure those hips stays nice and close to me, so his cock's not in the shot.  We use very light, very *ambient* music for these shots, so nobody can say we're supposed to be dancing. 

fillertowel3 - These scenes are usually the 'grand finale' of the film, and they're actually, *strangely*, the easiest to shoot.  We take our 'cultural dance' to the bed, and the music gets slower, and more sensual.  Maksim doesn't quite thrust, but he certainly *grinds*.  I don't quite moan, but I do gasp, sigh, and coo.  The camera doesn't show under the sheet, but it certainly pans up from our feet, to show that Maksim is *definitely* nestled in between my thighs.  The music is slow and rhythmic, and just like in the lapdance scenes, it climaxes as we do.  For obvious reasons, it's super important that we actually stay on beat in these scenes, since we're really pushing the limits.  Maksim and I make sure to fuck to these songs beforehand, to practice.

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