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SuperSoft Intros/Outros Retrospective and Future Plots

This isn't going to be the most interesting or groundbreaking release in the world, since it's largely just me reorganizing the SuperSoft pictures for use in a pamphlet format, as opposed to the magazine article format that I was originally using.  It's easier this way, for 2 reasons.
1 - I have 2 color pictures, and it wouldn't really make a lot of sense for two of these sets to have a color picture at the front, and the other set just doesn't.  It's a dumb reason, but hey, I guess I'm just a big dummy.
2 - Having these be separate articles creates the problem of having to explain the SuperSoft concept every time, and that's boring.

So let's get to it.  This one will probably be a little on the short side.


The first page picture is a color pic of the mom and her son, although with those socks and that figure, the mom kind of winds up looking like a sister more than a mom.  Whatever.  I'm pretty sure she's supposed to be his mom.  Decent pic, either way.  I like the poses here, they really help to kind of characterize them both.  She's more relaxed and open with her body and her sexuality, while he's more reserved, which I imagine is what the Lilians like to see in their boys.
The text here is largely just a copy/paste of the original intro, I just took out the bits that were specific to the dance video.  Not too much to say about that.

In between these two, is the page with the makeup.  I didn't change the text at all, just changed where it was in the pamphlet.  It kind of serves as a secondary introduction to the general concept.

The second page picture is a new one.  I really wish the other picture didn't have the woman taking a selfie with the boy, because in that pic, you get to see her tits.  But this one's okay too, I guess.
The text for this one starts out by simply introducing the dance film's title and genre, before moving onto their intro.  I missed an apostrophe on scene's, but whatever.  It'll be fixed in the Omnibus.  Yep, took like one minute to fix.  I'm so glad I actually save these as xcf files now, it makes proofreading so much easier.  Anyway, this page's text is kind of fluffy, not a ton of sexual narrative, and not a ton of story either, but it does serve as an introduction, and apparently, those are kind of important.

The third page picture goes right at the end of everything that's been made so far, so like, right after the pantomime sex scene under the blanket.  I really liked the sleeping boy shushing mom picture, so I decided to make use of it here.  It's still a nice pic, although now, it kind of makes sense, in the flow of the story.
The text gives a much-needed conclusion to the dance video arc, as well as providing the overall pamphlet with an explanation for how exactly they end these videos off.  So now, I don't really need to do intros and outros for the other SuperSoft video blocks.
But anyway, this text kind of discusses something that got explored in a really long (but pretty decent) little ASSTR story called, Pretty Little Teasers.  The basic concept of that long-ass story, is that there's a website, called 'pretty little teasers', that does those child modeling pics, but the girls totally know what's up, and while they're posing, they've got webcam videos of dudes jerking off to them that they watch, and kind of respond to.
I said all that to say this, the idea here is somewhat similar.  Oksana and Maksim basically want their audience coming back, so they have to put them at ease about what they're doing.  Remember, if these people were real Lilians, they'd be watching real Lilian porno.  So the normal ideological and theological justifications aren't going to be there, automatically.  Oksana and Maksim (but mostly Oksana, and goddamn, I still love those names) have to essentially explain the justification, or at least a justification, to the viewer.  And they have to do it without straight up saying it, because these have to be legal nudist videos, remember?
So they do it through innuendo, and with a wink and a nod, basically tell their viewers that it's cool to jerk it to the videos.  I imagine this sort of intimate understanding probably would send people reaching for the catalog, because it would essentially be an attractive, confident woman, giving her approval to what, for them, would be like the deepest, darkest, secret ever.  Finally, somebody understands them, even if that somebody is on a screen.  It's not so big of a stretch to think that some of these people might include a little letter asking for advice with their next order.  And at that point, they're basically begging for a copy of the gospel.  But I'll probably be getting more into that concept in next week's SuperSoft block.


So on friday I'll be releasing the other character intros for Sailor Sluts, and then next week, it's the next round of SuperSoft, this time with a more theological focus.  We'll be exploring the 'soft' Lilians.  I'm prewriting like a madcunt, so hopefully it'll come out well.  I'll probably do a little one-shot for wednesday, and maybe someday I'll actually finish Lilian Slave Pricing.


In the name of giving y'all more content, I'm just gonna drop my prewriting so far, and if you're so inclined, you can tell me what you think about it.  But I know you shy little fucks are never inclined to say shit, so just enjoy I guess :)

Skyclad In Sanctity : Oksana and Maksim is the name of this one (maybe), and it's basically them skirting the laws of maybe sweden or something.  They're allowed to make their film, and they're allowed to show Maksim hard, *but* he can't be hard for more than half of the film (a hard fought concession [he's a growing boy!!11!]) and Oksana can't touch his cock with her hands for more than 4 seconds at a time while it's hard (another hard fought concession[but what about our ablution rituals11!1])

So, because the whole thing has to revolve around the ritual.  Of course, there aren't really any Lilian rituals that *don't* involve the ritual orgasm component, so they have to keep things relatively chaste.  Of course, this serves a couple of different purposes.  It obviously allows them to make money selling their product, but it also provides the Lilians with a sort of 'public' face, where they're not babyfuckers, just *really* affectionate, and also nudists.  So there's some slight ambiguity within the wider Lilian-sympathetic world, as to whether the Lilian message about fucking the kids is for *now*, where the kids grow up, or later, when Lilith magically prevents the boys from becoming men, and all consent laws totally apply, and are respected, honest! 

What I might do, is use these pics, since they're mostly portrait(ish) to discuss the 'Messianic' interpretation of the Lilian idea, and its wider implementation within the wiccan/pagan ideology.  Basically, the messianic interpretation treats Lilith as one deity among many, and encourages Lilians to hide in the very large wiccan/pagan community, and avoid *actually* having sex with their children, or at least, their underage children.  The messianic interpretation will be explained in two texts, entitled, 'Lilith as Savior' and 'The Sensual Mother', which are essentially bowdlerized versions of the Gospel of Lilith. 

What I might also do, is have the book be called something like, 'Mother as Goddess : The Sensual Approach', and then have it essentially forego discussion of Lilith herself, focusing instead on a type of crunchy, granola, pantheon-paganism, where each of the grimoire officers are worshiped separately, and in different ways, but they're always basically being worshiped through close, *nude*, affection, between mother and son.  So like, the ritual for Nuit would involve extended nursing, and the ritual for like, Namaka, or something, would involve the mother and son washing each other.  And on and on and on.  And by doing these rituals, and calling out to these goddesses (who are secretly Lilian Officers), they're pretty much guaranteeing that at some point, they're gonna fuck, and they're gonna become Lilians. 

So okay, basically, these amount to softcore pornography for the 'not quite ready to be real Lilians' group, who have embraced Lilian Paganism, but either haven't been exposed to, or aren't particularly interested in, the more intense, more *sexual* 'Gospel of Lilith' Lilism.  But of course, since the whole thing came out of the Gospel Lilians, the entire Pagan Lilian program is designed to place women and their sons in as many erotic positions as is humanly possible.  So the rituals are designed to get people horny as hell, and fired up, so that they'll eventually end up fucking.  That'll be kind of the crux of the narrative element of these.

So let's get to the prewriting.  First thing to do is work out how we're going to arrange these.

flowernotouch - intro to the film, the audience, and some of the basic rules
flowerbath - bath scene, mutual washing, explanation of hardness-by-runtime rules
flowernurse - nursing scene, explanation of the Pagan Lilian importance of nursing
flowersnuggle - snuggle/anointing scene, explanation of rose anointment ritual
flowerkiss - kissing scene, explanation of pagan kissing ritual

So now, I guess I need to detail each ritual.  Man, prewriting is hard!

flowerbath - This is the ablution ritual, and it's essentially the first part of every ritual.  The mother and son wash one another with their bare hands (of course) and they get squeaky clean.  Pretty straightforward, not much to say about it.  They're encouraged greatly, however, not to avoid washing each others sex organs, because again, of course. 

flowernurse - This is the nursing ritual, which is supposed to be modified as the child grows.  So when he's a baby, she'll hold him in a way where like, his feet are touching her pussy, and then as he grows, his cock will get closer and closer, until he's like, glans on vulva, suckling from his mom.  Maybe.  Basically, it'll change as he grows, to eventually get him close enough that it becomes almost trivial to just slide him on home.  Which is the point.

flowersnuggle - This is the snuggling ritual, but it's really the most foreplayish of all of the rituals.  Which is why it really sucks that the resolution for this pic is going to force me to keep this one short.  Basically, the boy sort of like feathers a rose over his mother's body, focusing on her more sensitive areas, like the inside of her forearm, her happy trail, her nips of course, nape of her neck, inner thighs, etc.  It's pretty obvious that by the end of this 'ritual', mom's gonna be fucking dripping. 

flowerkiss - This one's kind of a bowdlerized version of the 'sevenfold kiss'(?) that got thrown around in some of nyar's old stuff.  So basically, the boy kisses his mom's eyelids then forehead, cheeks then lips, nipples then heart, ovaries then womb, and labia then clit.  Then he eats her pussy, because of course he does.  Well, they can't do that in the 'ain't ready for Lilians yet' crew, so instead, they stop at the womb kiss, and then... eh... he takes her hands, kisses each of them, and then they look into each other's eyes (he's still kneeling between her legs at this point) and proclaim their love for one another.  Yeah, I think that'll work. 

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