Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SuperSoft Intros/Outros

These are some of the intros and outros for the SuperSoft pamphlet.  They essentially take the SuperSoft story, and reform it somewhat, so that it can be used in a pamphlet, as opposed to being a one-off magazine article.


just some clerical duties
but with copious nudies
of our two blonde cuties


stockingscolor - Quick, what's the highest grossing Lilian made film?  Le Petit Bouton?  Something from the Nefertiti Jones series?  Night Journey '82?  Not even close.  It's called "My 2 Mommies", and it features absolutely zero sex.  How is that possible?  Well, before we talk about that, I have another question for you.  How many Lilians are there, *really*?  10,000?  50,000?  100,000 at most, right?  We're a big group, but we're not *that* big.  We can't sustain our relaxed lifestyles on nothing but the labor of our adult sons, especially when so many of us live in areas where production and manufacturing simply isn't profitable.  Sure, we can sell porn, but we're only really selling it to each other.  So how do we get money from outside?  Well, my little one and I have taken up a long-standing tradition of creating what's called 'SuperSoft' erotica, which tends to focus on steamy, sensual, scenes, that don't *quite* cross that line into actual porn.  They're written and filmed in a way that provides the viewer with a seriously stimulating experience, but *doesn't* present any sort of legal risk.

fillertowel1 - This particular film is called, "Oksana and Maksim's Prance and Play 26".  Officially, it's classified as a 'nudist cultural dance exhibition'.  The film is 34 minutes long, and it retails for over 250 US Dollars.  Now, we *say* it's a dance exhibition, but how does anyone really know that?  Well, that's what the first scene is all about!  We always have one of these intro scenes, they're designed to push the idea that we really *are* nudists, and that this really *is* a dance exhibition.  It's a little bit dull, but it helps our lawyers to defend these films in court.  Normally, we'll talk a bit about ourselves, make it *clear* that we're mother and son, before discussing the music that we'll be dancing to, and why we like it.  In the less restrictive nations, we'll do these scenes totally nude, and have the camera pan over our bodies, as we speak.  This gives the viewer a bit of warmup time, so they're nice and ready, when the *real* action starts! 

fillertowel6 - The end of a porno film is a bit like the end of a sex session.  Everyone's hot, and sweaty, and tired, but hopefully feeling a lot of love and adoration for their partner.  Of course, with *our* films, there's always a bit of a secondary challenge, to contend with.  Guilt.  Not so much from our end, but on the side of the viewer, there could easily be some latent feelings of confusion, or fear, and the final scene, is designed to dispel those negative feelings.  I'll normally put Maksim down to snuggle with me, so I can do the talking.  I put on my most soothing 'maternal whisper' voice, and try to calm the viewers down.  We word these segments very carefully, using innuendos, allusions, and a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor, to make it *very* clear that we're aware of what the viewers are doing, and that we're *both* totally okay with it.  You'd be amazed at how much these little outros can actually bring people back for more, especially when I talk about our plans for the *next* video!

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