Monday, February 15, 2016

SuperSoft Ritual Video 1

This is the first half of the SuperSoft Ritual Film block of the SuperSoft film pamphlet.  It essentially goes through the Ritual Films, with a special emphasis on their audience.


You can't touch the wang
In films for this gang
But you can make them bang


flowernotouch - If you've spent a lot of time in the 'Spiritual Naturist' community, you've probably noticed an odd phenomenon.  There's a group of women out there who talk like us, look like us, and act like us, in every way, *except* when it comes to sex with their boys.  Oh, they'll tickle and tease their (and your) sons all day long, but there's always some excuse, some complicated explanation, as to why their *obvious* foreplay is anything but.  These people, while mildly infuriating at times, are actually a *really great* source of quick cash, for a SuperSoft producer.  This is because their theology was more or less pulled from ours, by a woman who liked the ideas of the Lilian Revolution, but feared that the organization would be destroyed by police, if we didn't do away with the sexual components.  As it turns out, the police were not as clever as she'd thought, but her faith *has* been successful in attracting the sort of women who aren't *quite* ready to fully embrace Lilian love.  SuperSoft films made for the 'Pagan Maternalist' market generally feature full nudity, erections, long scenes, voiceovers, lots of foreplay hidden behind a veneer of pagan ritual, but *no blatant eroticism*.  That means, hands off his cock, lips off your cunt, and at least *pretend* to know something about their theology.  This particular film bills itself as 'Ritual Demo', and it's called "Skyclad with the Spirits : Oksana and Maksim".  It's a little over an hour long, and it retails for 150 USD. We tend to give our spiritual cousins a break on pricing.

flowerbath - Ritual movies generally have to follow the pattern of a specific ritual, to justify their existence in the courts.  Luckily for us, these rituals can be made up on the spot, written up into a booklet, and packaged *with* the film.  We normally start the rituals with a bathing scene, because you can't go before your goddess all dirty, can you?  These scenes serve two roles, overall.  They're a nice warmup/cooldown in between individual scenes, that allows us to explain the theological significance of the upcoming ritual, while rubbing each other up and down, getting ourselves nice and slick, and showing off our bodies.  It's fun for us, and gives the audience something nice to watch.  Beyond that, however, they serve a much more practical purpose.  We used every legal and rhetorical trick in the book, to get erections into our ritual films.  As it stands, we're allowed to show 'erections which ebb and flow in the natural way, for an adolescent boy'.  In practical terms, this becomes 'he can only be hard for half the movie'.  We get around this somewhat arbitrary restriction, by having these bath scenes be exactly as long as the ritual scenes!

flowernurse - We normally make up different rituals for every one of these films, but they'll generally always be focused towards getting these 'Sensual Mothers' naked, and close to their sons.  There's usually a pleasure exchange component as well, although we *never ever* call it that.  You have to take it slow with these women.  They scare easy, and they'll often have very arbitrary limits, to what they'll do.  One of the easier ritual types for the Pagans to accept, are the ones that revolve around nursing.  Part of their theology involves 'extended breastfeeding', where the kids wean themselves.  Our rituals are largely intended to ensure that this never happens.  We'll instruct the ladies to always nurse their boys in a way that gets *something* of his pressed up against her pussy.  When he's a baby, it's his toes.  Toddlers get calves, and younger boys get thighs.  When the boy's about sex-ed age, he'll be in just the right position for his 'natural ebb and flow' to gently brush and graze against its first home.  Is it so much of a stretch, at that point, for mama to just slide him right on in?

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