Monday, February 15, 2016

SuperSoft Ritual Video 1 Retrospective

These came out a bit less sexual than I would have liked.  I think I focused too much on the storyline of the Pagan Lilians, since they're such a new concept, and I feel like I kinda have to explain them, before I can really get into the nitty gritty.


The first page picture is one that I wasn't quite sure where to put at first, because it almost kicks itself out of the whole block.  She's almost touching his cock, but not quite.  So I decided to use it for the explanation of the rules of these films.  That would have been a great segue into the text, but instead, I'll explain the difference of color between these and the other ones.  I honestly don't know why they're a different color.  Probably I'll be making the third one yet another different shade of blue, and then go back and change the background of the intro and outro stuff, and have each separate section have its own background color.
The text for this one is largely an introduction to the Pagan Lilians, who really need a name, and probably aren't going to get one.  Basically, they're just the women who weren't hardcore enough to be real Lilians, but still wanted to feel like they were revolutionary and stuff.  So they're like the Social Democrats, with regards to the Maoists, or Leninists.  Of course, there's certainly something to be said for Social Democrats, isn't there?  They've got real political parties.  They actually get things done, sometimes, sorta.  But they do have limitations.  Social Dems never actually change the flag.  They never actually conduct land reforms.  They don't export the revolution, because there is no revolution.  Just a whole bunch of mild reformism within the greater system.  I don't say it here, but there is this idea that the Lilians are producing a lot of their Pagan-centric material specifically to convert the Pagans to Lilians.

The second page picture is a nice one, that could really go either here, or in the next one.  I decided to put it here, though, because it does serve a purpose.  The rubber ducky is a nice touch.  
The text here continues the discussion of the Pagan Lilians, and the legal element of the ritual films.  I may have overdone it there, but then, maybe not.  There's a little bit of semi-sexual narrative here, although really, there doesn't need to be much sexual narrative, since there's actually no sex going on between the two.  Of course, there's no sex in the whole thing.  Well anyway, I think it's fine the way it is, although I would have liked a more sexualized narrative, and less legalese. 

The third page is where we really start to get into the rituals, and this picture is a good start.  Is he hard in this pic?  Is that semi?  I can't really tell.  I wanted to (and probably will) discuss how the Pagan Lilians kinda like seeing (and feeling) the boys getting hard, then soft, then hard again.  It helps with their shared 'it's not sexual' delusion. 
The text here largely establishes the pattern for most of these next ritual pages.  Describe the generic ritual theme, explain how the Lilians are trying to use rituals along those lines to corrupt the Pagans, and then give some narrative as to what they're doing in the film.  This one actually ended up getting rewritten (like 5 minutes ago), to have more of a sexual narrative, and less of an explanation of the audience thing.  Show and not tell.  Or at least minimize the fluff, and maximize the muff.  I also managed to essentially imply that the Lilians are essentially taking the regular pagans, and giving them new goddesses to worship, and those goddesses just so happen to also be Lilian officers. 
In my headcanon, this would basically draw the Lilian spirits into the homes of these pagans, and through some sort of probably dream-based manipulation, the mother and son would eventually be led towards a sexual union.  But that's a little to theological and fantastical for Oksana to give a shit about.  She's got those hryvnia signs in her eyes, and that's basically all she's after.  But maybe I'll give some kind of reference to it, since I'm probably only going to be mentioning the Pagan Lilians here.  Maybe...
The narrative portion of this is kind of just describing the picture, which I usually try not to do, but there is some explanation of what they're doing, and who they are, and why they're doing it, and there's kind of an expansion on it, which leads the reader to imagine the next scene...  So I guess it's okay.


Wednesday's probably going to be a one-off guide set, although I might do a narrative, instead.  Friday's probably going to be the other half of SuperSoft Ritual Video.  

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