Friday, February 19, 2016

SuperSoft Ritual Video 2 Retrospective

These were actually surprisingly easy to make.  Hopefully that doesn't mean that they're actually shit.  Anyway, I was expecting 3 pics, and got like 1.5, when you factor in the resolutions.


The first page picture is a really great one, but I had to cut a lot out of it, because of the resolution.  I  could have made it smaller, but eh, I think it's fine this way.  I didn't really cut out anything important.  Just some of the mom's leg. 
The text starts with the name of the ritual, which further implies that the Pagan Maternalists are largely just regular goddess worshiping pagans, who have some Lilian values, but aren't actually worshiping Lilith herself.  The text mostly just describes the ritual on a practical level, and describes how our two intrepid pornstars film the scene, without much of a buildup or any real fanfare.  It's short, but I think it's okay enough.

The second page is back to the right resolution, which is good, but it's a little light on action.  It's also hard to tell whether the kid's in the bone zone or not.  It's a pretty sweet pic, though. 
The text largely has to do double duty, as an outro to the Ritual block, and also an explanation of this particular ritual.  I like that I was able to explain the fivefold kiss pretty quickly and efficiently.  I was really worried about that explanation taking up like, half the page.  Hopefully it's understandable.  We move on to describe the normal Pagan ritual, and then kind of subvert it, and get some nice sexual narrative going.  The sexual narrative leads into the outro for this block, which is reasonably sexual as well.  Well, maybe not sexual, but suggestive, and that's sometimes better.


So that's this week, done and on schedule.  Next week will be mostly 2 pagers, with a 4 pager in the middle.  I've worked out how to get Pandora's Box stuff out of exhentai (you have to search for 'pbx') so I'll be using her(?) stuff for a little while.  There's tons of it, and it's all pretty deece. 

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