Friday, February 19, 2016

SuperSoft Ritual Video 2

This is the second half of the SuperSoft Ritual Video set.  It covers the last 2 rituals. 


Starts with a rose
Ends with curled toes


flowersnuggle - This ritual is called, "Antheia's Christening".  It's a type of symbolic anointing ritual, that involves a single, white, rose.  The boy snuggles in close, and feathers the rose petals across his mothers more sensitive areas.  This ritual is largely designed to give the mother a chance to lay back and enjoy her baby's 'ebb and flow', while being tickled and teased in all the right ways.  We usually shoot these types of scenes with a focus on following the rose, and Maksim makes sure to dip down to my thighs every couple minutes, so the audience can see how wet I am, and more importantly, how wet *they* should be!

flowerkiss - As annoying as the Pagan Maternalists can be, you have to admit, some of their rituals are actually really cute.  We normally have at least one scene, where we use some variation of the Lilian fivefold kiss.  You know the one, eyelids/forehead, cheeks/lips, nipples/heart, ovaries/womb, and of course, lips/clit.  Well, for the Pagans, instead of going all the way down to mommy's cunt, the boy will kiss each of her *hands*, and then proclaim his love for her.  It really is just adorable.  The regular version has the mother standing as the boy kneels, like he's proposing to her.  Well, *our* version leaves the mother sitting, and that one little change, makes a *world* of difference!  Instead of the boring, sanitized, almost Jehovan, 'take a knee' style of the standing ritual, ours puts the boy right where he belongs, between mommy's thighs,and at eye level with her soon to be dripping honeypot.  As he's making his little speech, she gets hotter and hotter, her special scents wafting into his nostrils, and getting *him* turned on!  By the time he's finished speaking, they're both hot and ready, and *they both know it*.  We normally close our videos off with a scene like this, Maksim will finish his speech, rise to kiss me, and I'll wrap my arms around him, and lean back.  Fade to black, and cue the mood music.  You'd be amazed at how many 'just fucked my son, is that okay?' letters we get!

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