Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dark Room Bro/Sis Retrospective

I woke up really tired this morning, and I've had a headache all day, so I decided to do something easy and straightforward for today.  Hopefully I'm not sick again.


This one was really, really, straightforward.  It's literally just a story about a girl converting to Lilism, and then fucking her little brother.  I like doing things like this every once in a while, though, it really allows me to shut the hell up about the high-minded stuff, and focus on the sex, writing the sex, writing a sex story, creating characters, and basically, practicing my creative writing.  Plus, simple sex narratives always do ironman numbers, when it's pageview time. 

I sort kinda wish these pictures were a little bit more varied, since, as it stands, the pics are largely corresponding to the last page's text, but I think it's alright, overall.  There's something resembling a 'style' there.  There's also a progression. 

I might use these characters again, the artist has a decent amount of content for them, although some of it ends up being a little Ryona-esque, which is no fun for anybody.  We'll see what happens.  I'm not sure if these characters need a followup, but they are often fun. 


So this week will mostly be one-offs or possibly two-offs, and I might throw in a CD cover at some point, just for kicks.  It'll either be another Wicked Witch, or a (not really) new character, called 'Russian Peach', who is basically just Peach from Dmitrys.  I covered him and his large insertions back in the gay boys magazine special, and I just found some pics that would be perfect for a unique CD cover. 

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