Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Evangelical Reversal Retrospective

This one was oddly difficult to write, in the same way that the 'dark room bro/sis' was difficult to write.  I've forgotten how complex it can actually be to tell a full sexual narrative, from beginning to end, in only a few thousand characters. 


These pictures are a bit of a difficult element, since they don't *really* correspond to the story, until the very end.  I'm not sure whether Abubu ever did an underwater /ss/ in a pool scene, it seems like something he would do, but nothing really jumps out at me.  Just 10,000 hottub pics.  The pictures themselves do tell enough of a story on their own, though, so I guess it's okay...

The story here, as I'm sure y'all can tell, is very much influenced by the evangelical 'way'.  I've been listening to a fair amount of bluegrass gospel lately, since it was fatimiyya, and lord knows nobody's ever bothered to make nasheeds about her, in any language.  But anyway, they've had an effect, and it's coming out here.  I've played with the idea that Lilians take Christian gospel songs and change around the words, a-la IWW Little Red Songbook, but I've never really done anything with the concept, aside from make CD covers, which, while fun, don't really add too much to the overall story. 

This narrative ends up being a really slow roll, which is what it is, but hopefully it's fun for you guys to read.  It's more romantic and 'thoughtful' than something more straightforward, like Nerd Girl, but then, unlike Nerd Girl, the sex is pretty much just on the last page, and it's not actually sex.  But hey, I think it's alright.  Honestly, I probably needed another page for this, because I had a bit of an outro intro, that tied the last page in with the first, but it made the last page like 2000 characters, so I had to condense it, and try to work it into the first page.  Hopefully it works.


So friday will probably be more Lilian Booty Queens, and I'm thinking I'll focus on the paramilitaries that protect Rosalia's drug farm.  

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