Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lilian Booty Queens Brothel Basics Retrospective

These were pretty tough to do, because I essentially had to establish the pattern that I'm going to use for all of them, right here.  I think it's a good pattern, though.  I went through like 2 or 3 revisions, by the way, which is why these are being released on tuesday night, instead of monday morning, when they were actually written.


One of the things that I really want to do with Lilian Booty Queens (I've accepted that I'm not going to get a better name than that) is highlight a couple of elements of the Lilian Temple Building program, that I discussed way back in Lilian Intro.  That is the idea that most Lilians actually belong to a Coven, or a Circle, or a Cell, and that's as far as they really go.  There are way more small work units than there are medium sized businesses, and there are way more medium sized businesses than there are large temple environments.  Of course, the large, regional temples, and their High Priestesses, get all the power and prestige, within the overall faith. 

But anyway, here, we get introduced to Lolita Benitez, and props to you if you know where that name is from.  I decided overall to make these descriptions short and sweet, and focus mostly on the overall operation itself, and the deep logistical network that is required in order to make this single operation work.  The 'Grove Gang' consists of 12-14 people (not sure yet exactly how many) and I'll be covering everything from paramilitary commanders to recruiters and people smugglers, and maybe even feature one of the girls herself.  I'm trying to go for a 'House That Crack Built' vibe, with this, by the way.  Hopefully it comes off well enough. 

I tried to put some little blurbs about how the women use their positions to get sex as well, since the Lilians are a sexual group, and that's probably something that the average new priestess would be looking to do.  Not really a sexual narrative, but it's at least paying lip service to the idea that the Lilian 'thing' is supposed to be an erotic story, and not a supply-chain-management textbook.  


So it's tuesday today, which means that tomorrow, I'll probably want to write something.  I'm thinking that I'll either put out a short one-off about a woman picking up a good boy at a food bank, or part one of a two-parter, about a Lilian stepmom tucking her wife's son into bed.  Then on friday, I'll either do more Lilian Booty Queens, or finish the two-parter.  We'll just have to see what happens.  

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