Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lilian Booty Queens Intro

This is the intro to a new series that will most likely be somewhat akin to the Grimoire pages, although each little part will probably be a bit tighter, and more unified.  Hopefully these will be just as sexual, as the grimoire pages, but they might not be, so...


Thick Bitches, Also Witches


105 - Virgins, virgins, virgins!  When you did outreach to the smaller Circles and Covens, you probably noticed something slightly peculiar about the Local Priestesses.  They tend to be curvier than the average Regional Priestess, but they also trend towards slightly darker features, as well.  Their breasts will be full and round, and their asses plump and soft.  Their tummies, while largely flat*ish*, will still be pleasantly squishy and accommodating for the boys to lay their heads on at bedtime, and their thighs flare out, to envelop their young lovers in soothing warmth and tranquility, during oral worship sessions.  Essentially, these women are made not only for sex, but also for comfort, and will often mirror Our Goddess in skin tone and complexion.  But why do they all seem to look that way?  And why are they all so into virgins?  Well, the answers to these questions are one and the same!  It's no secret that our temple building models are based around smaller, more decentralized, units, which form a larger whole when necessary, but are largely autonomous, on a day-to-day level.  This 'spread out' model also allows these 'lower level' Priestesses the space to build up a nice rolodex of young lovers, without stepping on each other's toes, or attracting too much attention.  With less female competition, and less internal political and personal branding concerns, these Priestesses are able to complete a very large number of 'virgin critical' rituals, which, aside from advancing their secular careers and expanding their personal wealth, transform their bodies into the "Lilian Ideal".  In this pamphlet, we will meet some of these women, and explore how their individual Cells, Circles, and Covens, combine to form the powerhouse that drives Our Revolution forward.  

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