Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lilian Booty Queens Intro Retrospective

Goddamn, I am so glad to have power again.  Ya'll don't even know how annoying that shit is.  Between food spoilage, freezer melting, and phone charging concerns, who even cares about the boredom anymore?  Anyway, back to the schedule, and I'm full of good ideas.  I'm still fasting, by the way, but I think I'll be able to get back to the schedule.


This intro was kinda difficult to write, because I wound up changing the entire concept of the pamphlet, from a straightforward celebration of Priestesses, to a sort of 'here are some ideas for your future career, newly minted priestess'.  Basically, the new concept for these, is that each of these women kind of links together into another woman, and their careers are sort of interdependent on one another.  So for example, 126/Nys might use her disarming, all-american looks to string along a soft-pedo rich guy, and then 069/Giselle would film him fucking a pubescent apprentice-nun from the nearest Regional Temple, and they'd blackmail him together.  Or, 221/Regina could use her position as a customs enforcement official to skim off some illegally harvested pearls for 015/Alia to refine into jewelry, which she sells in her boutique.  Y'all get the picture.

So yeah, totally changed the entire storyline for these pictures, but I feel like this one tells a better, more interesting story about the Lilians, and casts a lot of light on what it is these people actually do.  This is the NCR Sharecropper Farms, to New Vegas' New Vegas.  Yes, it's boring, and no, there isn't much going on there, but guess what?  It tells you what these people eat, and that's important from a storyline perspective.  It'll also be the start of the meta-narrative that will tie all of these little vignettes together. 

I managed to get a little bit of sex into this, which is nice, I guess.  We'll see how much I'm able to continue that during the normal pages.  Probably, though, there will be some level of sexual narrative, since these are Lilians, and everything that they do is tinged with sex.  Plus, they're doing hella rituals, and I do intend to work that into this whole pamphlet.


So hopefully this intro is somewhat intriguing, and hopefully my new paradigm for Lilian Booty Queens isn't too dull for you guys.  Friday will probably be some kind of theological type guide/narrative content, and next week will probably feature some Lilian Booty Queens, along with a new pamphlet, that explores Lilian gonzo porn.  It'll be similar to the SuperSoft pamphlet, but with a different little couple, and with a more hardcore, sexual, focus.  Also, it'll discuss the Lilian community, and how they like their porn, as opposed to the non-nude 'soft-lilian' crowd.  I'll post a prewrite for it in a couple of days. 

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