Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lilian Slave Pricing 5

This is the 5th part of Lilian Slave Pricing.  We're basically at the end, now, there's one more part.  This one gets into some of the aptitude testing.


Testing for Soldati
With the sexy Hottie


09splashing - Once you're through with the marine elements of your appraisal, it's time to take this boy back to land, and start figuring out what kind of mistress he'll be best suited towards, and what sort of aptitudes he has, in a more active, revolutionary, sense.  To understand his role in the wider Lilian Strategic Program, we'll need to understand how aggressive he is.  Obviously, you're not going to be picking a fight with a child, so you'll need a more playful method of determining this.  We've found that little splash-fights between the boy and yourself, can help you to quickly predict how aggressive he'd be, in a less relaxed setting.  Obviously, if he can't take a joke, and gets surly or grumpy, that should be noted, but for the most part, the splashing *will* be reciprocated, so you can make your appraisal.  Take note of the force that he uses when splashing you, and take note of *where* he splashes you.  Is it in your face, or lower?  Does he have a mean streak?  If he just rolls over and submits, that's something that should be noted, as well.  This test doesn't so much determine URP, so much as it determines where these boys go.  The more aggressive ones will do better with a tougher mistress, who serves in our defensive groups.  The more phlegmatic boys, however, are generally more suited to indoor tasks, and less restrictive environments. 

10eavesdrop - One of the final tests for this boy, is also one of the most fun, for both of you.  It's a test not only of his obedience, but also of his tactical acumen.  Some time near the end of your appraisal, you should set up a little beach date between the two of you.  Nothing special, just a simple walk-and-talk.  But at some point, the two of you should "happen across" a couple, normally a nun and her adult slave, fucking on the beach.  You should sneak up behind them to watch, and normally they'll put on a bit of a show for you, getting nice and loud, so you'll know when to approach.  The test here is twofold.  You'll be telling the boy to sneak up behind the slave, slap him on the ass, and then run back to you.  The two of you will then, of course, run away, while the slave yells in your direction.  Fun.  But what you're testing first, is whether he's willing to obey you.  The slaves we pick for this are usually pretty big guys, so there will probably be some level of fear in the boy.  If he's able to overcome that fear, and obey you, great!  He's prime material for our defense service.  If not, well, we can work on him.  The second test, though, is whether he's actually any good at basic covert action.  The slave will be keeping his ears open, so this *is* a real test.  Again, if he's successful, great!  If not, at least we know where to put our training.  

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