Friday, March 25, 2016

Lilian Visions 1 Retrospective

So I wrote this whole thing last night, and wasn't sure how I wanted to release it, but I decided to just go ahead and do it for today and probably monday, although I might release the other end on Sunday, and the whole thing's in the Omnibus, already.  I like the way it came out overall, although I feel like I could have done it slightly better.  But then, you can always do everything slightly better, and if you refuse to release until everything's perfect, you'll never release anything at all.


These pictures came from a very large PBX set that, unfortunately, didn't actually have too much in the way of actual usable content.  It had a ton of content, and the content, for the most part, was really well done, but like 99% of it was either with some Not Important looking guy, or Trunks and Gohan (?).  Oh well.  At least I got what I got.  I would have liked seeing the boy with all those different goddess looking women, though.  A pamphlet like that would have been really great.  Like a Chapter 17 redux.  Anyway, the pictures are decent, even if they're a bit sketchy.

I feel like I did a good enough job explaining what the visions are, before I got into them.  I was able to work in the whole weed-is-big-among-lilians angle, along with the cunnilingus-is-spiritual thing, and of course, the boys-are-lilian-psychics theme, that I love so much.  I feel like especially, the last thing is really important, to kind of temper the story of the Lilians, a little bit.  The boys are slaves, but at the same time, they're closer to 'the goddess' than the women will ever be.

The visions themselves are a little dull, overall, for a couple of reasons.  First, the pictures themselves aren't exactly the most sexually explicit in the world.  Beyond that, though, I decided to make each individual scene a separate 'vision', that a boy could have, instead of making the whole thing one individual vision, that becomes a very linear narrative product.  At this point, I'm almost tempted to go back and rewrite this, as a linear narrative of a single boy, who has a single vision, as opposed to a bunch of boys, who have different visions.  Maybe I'll experiment with it, maybe not.  I already wrote the whole thing...

No, this is far more interesting, from a storyline perspective, than that would be.

I wanted to make these visions a little thought provoking, by making them different for the different kinds of boys.  I kind of wanted to imply that the woman in the vision is the boy's guardian spirit, and I think I say that straight out, in the outro.  But I wanted to kind of tie in the idea that each guardian spirit leads the boy in a different direction, depending on which officer she follows, and these directions would, on some level, form somewhat different schools of thought for the boys, which would then develop into different lifestyles, kind of like the Cetics, from After the End.

So this would make the boy's first time, and his first-time-ritual, really, really, important.  If I ever have to defend this in court, by the way, I'll say that particular concept is a metaphor for the idea that a boy's first lover will influence his future romantic endeavors, which probably isn't particularly untrue


So I'll most likely be releasing the other half of this on sunday, to start fresh for next week.  Next week will most likely be Lilian Booty Queens on monday and friday, and then a 'seducing the good boy' one-off on wednesday. 

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