Friday, March 25, 2016

Lilian Visions 1

This is a theological one-off that discusses the 'phenomenon' of Lilian visions among boys.  It's mildly sexual, but mostly theological and emotional, in nature.


Tiny prophets want to beg
For blessings in between the legs
They'd better lick it on the reg


 289 - One of the least understood aspects of our faith, are the 'visions' that some of our boys report, during their oral worship sessions.  Now, we aren't talking about the profound sense of serenity and peace that most boys enjoy between their lover's thighs, or even the odd phenomenon of 'mirrored pleasure' that they'll sometimes mention.  These visions are an *extremely* rare event, that boys, usually converts, will experience, normally while licking a Priestess, and always, after imbibing a relatively large amount of liquid marihuana (spirit herb) product.  Because of the connection with marihuana, we generally tell the boys involved, that they've simply fallen asleep while licking, and had a particularly nice dream.  As a priestess, however, you should understand the reality of this situation.  These boys are doing something that we have only dreamed of, and the acute similarities between their reports, rule out simple drug hallucinations.  The visions tend to fall into one of four general themes, and while we aren't sure *exactly* what each individual archetype means, or, in fact, if they mean anything, we do make some attempt to log the boy's 'nice dream', and then keep regular tabs on his development, as a Lilian.  

Hope_fun_draft_01try3 - The first vision archetype that we will discuss, is the 'service/sex' scenario.  In this vision, the boy is alone, usually in a palace, with a woman, who knows the boy *very* intimately, and loves him quite deeply.  She'll often take her time with him, giving him a tour of the large, luxurious, accommodations, and imparting her sage advices on him, which usually boil down to, 'do whatever the priestesses tell you to do'.  The boy will often, at some point, choose to serve the woman in some way, although boys do often report that this feels like less of a choice, and more of a compulsion.  The service is often eroticised in some way.  If the boy is feeding the woman grapes, she'll play at them with her tongue.  If he's serving her wine, she'll let some dribble down between her breasts, and have him lap it up.  Eventually, she'll take him to bed, and the two of them will have sex, although every boy, when pressed, has admitted to lasting exactly one thrust, before having the orgasm of a lifetime, and returning to reality.  Boys who experience this type of vision most often focus their studies on theology, and are quite active in the Temple, later in life.

Hope_fun_draft_04 - The second vision archetype that we will discuss, is actually quite similar to the first, although it seems to be a subjectively longer experience, from the boy's end.  The boy and woman are still alone, but the palace has been replaced by a quaint cottage, often in a scenic location, like a mountainside, a forest, or a beach.  The two will frolic and play, with the woman often taking more of an 'older sister' role, and often, these lovebirds will end up rolling in the sand, or grassland, giggling and tickling one another.  Eventually, they'll become tired, and retire to the bath, where they'll *continue* their oddly platonic playtime, until the boy drowses into his friendly mistress' bosom, and awakens, between your legs.  Boys who experience this type of vision trend towards more solitary Lilian trades, such as botany/mycology, or acute defense.  They are active in the overall revolution, and often quite influential within it, but their contact with the Temple, normally begins and ends with their immediate mistress.

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