Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lilian Visions 2 Retrospective

I generally like the way this one came out, although I still feel like it could have been done better... somehow...


These last two visions, again, aren't super sexual, but hey, I can only write for what I'm given, and the pictures themselves aren't super sexual.  I really really  wish the 7 fates (those multi-ethnic women) were featured more, and given a bigger element with the boy, but then, I wish the boy were featured more.  Basically, I just really wish there were more to this whole thing, because I really like expanding the Lilian theology, and I don't get too many opportunities to do so.  And that fucking Loch-Ness dong bit is not funny.  One goddamn picture of this kid in a hottub with 7 multi-ethnic goddesses, and I get the most infantile trash imaginable I mean how the fuck am I supposed to even write for something like that, it's just so fucking stupid and I can't just take it out, because then the girls' reactions would make no sense  >:C  >:C >:C

Anyway, the visions more or less get the job done, and you get a nice little look into what these boys do after the sex party ends, which is interesting enough.  I wanted to imply, a little bit, that there are somewhat systematized rules to the visions themselves, and that, the more the boy is 'feeling it', the less time he can spend in la-la land.  It's more of an implied thing, but I think it's somewhat fun.  This little block is along similar lines as the grimoire pages, sort of linking up the mundane world, with Lilith's cosmic domain.  Personally, I think that element of the story is kind of the funnest part.

The outro kind of wraps things up, and gives kind of a funny little possible explanation for these, that essentially, the women are cunt-smothering their boys into having like NDE's or something.  Much more mundane, but probably more likely, as well.  At any rate, I think this is a relatively fun idea, even if the actual execution kind of suffered somewhat, due to a lack of content.  I do wonder whether I should have made this one a single narrative. 


So next week, I'll probably be doing mostly Lilian Booty Queens, I've got around 12 or 13 or so pages (loosely) planned out, and I'm thinking these should go relatively quickly, all things considered.  On wednesday, I think I'll be doing a pretty linear sex narrative, about a 'good boy' getting it on with some Lilian he met while volunteering at the food-bank. 

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