Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lilian Visions 2

This is the second (and final) installment of Lilian Visions.  It lays out the rest of the visions, and then provides a bit of insight into what they might mean.


See your goddess in the buff
When you lick that priestess muff 
But interpreting is tough


Hope_fun_draft_03try2 - The third vision archetype, is actually a bit of a departure, for a few reasons.  First, these types of visions are, subjectively, *very* short, especially compared to the others.  Second, they appear to take place in relative public, as opposed to the more personal, 'palace' visions.  Lastly, they feature sex, and lots of it, between the boy, and a veritable harem of women, who are often from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  The ladies will often show quite a bit of interest in the boy, both erotic, and romantic.  He will, in turn, feel quite compelled to please them, again, in not only an erotic sense, but also as a type of entertainer.  He'll bounce between them, cracking dirty jokes, feeling them up, and generally having a great time.  Eventually, they'll jump his bones, and fuck him in turn, giving him (instant) orgasm after (instant) orgasm, before covering him in kisses, until he comes back down to earth.  Boys experiencing this vision almost always become acolytes, or at least try to.  As they grow, they'll most often settle into the typical life of a standard Lilian house-slave, living for their mistress' pleasure, and being dependent upon her, in turn.

Hope_fun_draft_05 - The final vision archetype that we will discuss, is actually somewhat unique, in how astoundingly *mundane* it is.  These visions are subjectively the longest, but that's probably because very little actually *happens* during them.  The boy and his female companion, for the most part, simply lounge around, sometimes snuggling, sometimes just laying next to one another, drinking in each other's bodies, but not really *doing* anything.  Boys have reported slow games of footsie, cozy small talk, and relaxed, aimless, caresses, as highlights of their vision.  Sometimes a movie will be watched, sometimes a game will be played.  Comics may be perused, but always, the sexual element will be almost nil, and in fact, the level of activity *overall*, will be quite low.  Boys who report visions like this, paradoxically, will often grow up to be quite diligent industrial slaves.  They'll work hard all week long, at either secular jobs, or Temple labor, saving their eroticism for mistress, on the weekend.  Their diligence extends to the Temple's mass service, and they'll almost never miss a sunday.

0_concept2_color - So what do we make of these visions?  They don't seem to feature Our Goddess personally, although they *are* very, very, spiritual, and they're 100% Lilian in nature.  This isn't Jehovah pulling a fast one on us.  The boys who experience these visions tend to stay with the Temple into adulthood, but then, the boys who experience these visions also tend to be showered with positive female attention, from the moment they mention their 'nice dream'.  Some have theorized that *all* boys experience these visions, but not all of them make it known.  Because the visions seem to happen in a very (objectively) short time-frame, and they seem to be triggered by the Priestess' orgasm, they'll often go unnoticed by the priestess in question.  Visions are quite rare, and most priestesses will never be exposed to a seeing boy, but if it does happen, you'll need to know how to spot it, and what to do, because some boys are initially shy about sharing this experience with others.  If, after orgasming, you notice that your boy seems to go limp for a second or two, before suddenly, violently, tearing himself away from your nether regions, breathing heavily as if he'd just emerged from a pool, and looking around, in a confused state, well, you may have been suffocating him with your cunt.  *But*, he may have had a vision, so make sure to wipe his little face clean, snuggle him up close to you, and have a nice, *non-pressuring*, post-cunnilingal cuddle.  

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