Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lillian Booty Queens Brothel Basics

This is the first real installment of Lilian Booty Queens.  It introduces the main players of the 'Southern Spanish Lilian Brothel' Temple operation.  For what it's worth, this place is based on a real brothel in the vicinity of Rota, Spain.  Obviously I am embellishing certain elements.


Who runs the show?
Who makes the dough?
Who does the grow?


 146Saliha - This is Lolita, Lolita Benitez.  She runs a brothel in Southern Spain, called, "The Grove".  Like many brothels in the area, it has a somewhat ridiculous 'Hellenic' theme, and like many brothels in the area, it is 100% legal and regulated.  *Unlike* many brothels, however, The Grove holds a little secret.  It's run by a Lilian Priestess, so of course, it closes up on Sundays, for regular services, and provides a nice little HQ for the local Acolyte Program.  But that's not the only secret of The Grove.

002Yolanda - This is Fle Rillieux.  She runs a candymaking operation in Port-Au-Prince, and while much of her product is above board, she dedicates 40% of her production to and *gains* 80% of her profits from, Lilian Revolution.  She makes a number of different confections for our global marketplace, but her best seller, is the aphrodisiacal, mildly sedative, but *very* pleasing, "Baies du Bosquet".  These tiny violet morsels are buried inside her regular candies, so as to be undetectable in transit, but are easily stripped of their mundane covering by a warm tongue, and shared with a sweet kiss, to a waiting, *paying*, customer.

094LaGaucha - This Rosalia Moreno.  Her family's ranch, in the mountains of Colombia, provides the fertile ground, and secure environment, for the Lilian-Bred strains of Spirit Herb, such as Diamond and Monsoon Kush, to flourish and thrive. 

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