Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Regular Acolyte Retrospective

This one was a bit more complex to write than the last one, since there's actual storyline content here, but I feel like a lot of the story really gets told in the narrative, and it comes off decently well.


I had some mild difficulty deciding how I wanted to arrange these.  Most of the pages are really straightforward, just 4 panel comics, and it's obvious how to arrange those.  But the second page (I put it first) is just a big picture of the two of them fucking, and I wasn't sure what to do with it.  I decided to have it be the intro, and then have the story of them fucking (the sexual narrative) use the 4 panels.  These are drawn reasonably well, although I'm not big on the speech bubbles.  The woman's attractive enough, nice and hairy, and she really does look like the professional type. 

I tried to tell the overarching story of a general Jane, through this little one-shot, and I think I gave something of an overview, although this particular woman might be more along the lines of a VIP, than an average Lilian.  That's kinda what I was going for.  One of the bigger reasons why a woman would go to the acolytes, is that she doesn't want to have a long-term boyfriend, who's going to grow up, and start asking for a contract.  There would probably be some level of pressure for these Lilian 'captains of industry' to shack up with some high schooler, and take care of him for the rest of his life.  If the Lilian's cool with that, great, but I imagine a lot of them really wouldn't be. 

The middle two pages go pretty hard, with the sexual narrative.  I wanted to make this woman really freaky, and have her be a little more crude with her language, than the Lilians usually are.  This is kinda to offset her prim and proper professional looks.  Hopefully it worked. 

The last page goes back to the overarching storyline of this one-shot, and I think it really kind of humanizes the Jane, a bit.  You see that her relationship with Laurus is kind of a sugar mama/sugar baby sort of thing, with the sex as a bonus, and he kind of makes her feel needed and desired.  I imagine that when he grows up, she'd move onto another boy, but possibly keep him in mind, since she is a professional.  I didn't really put that in, though, and I sorta-kinda wish I had.  Whatever.  I think it's a good one.


So that's wednesday.  Friday's probably either going to be the return of those 2 kids from monday's story, or possibly something completely different.  Probably something different, but who knows?  Next week will most likely be a return to some of the pamphlets that I've been neglecting, including the Sailor Sluts catalog.  I really need to finish that one. 

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