Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Regular Acolyte

This is the 'regular acolyte' one-off.  It tells the story of an upper middle class professional woman, who makes use of the Acolyte Program to sate her lusts and desire for family. 


She's a rich VIP
But she talks like a ho
Pays the boys for their wang
And she don't get it for the low-low


 02 - You know, nobody believes me when I tell them that I've got a regular acolyte.  They always ask me things like, 'Oh, can't you find a normal boy?', and 'Why pay for what you can get for free?'.  Well, the obvious reality is that *yes*, most any Lilian woman *can* find a boy who's ready and willing to fuck her.  Whether Lilian or not, most boys are pretty easy lays.  In the Jehovan world, the Patriarchs have a little saying, that you're not paying girls to show up and fuck, you're paying them to leave.  Well in the Lilian world, you're not paying them to lick you, then fuck you, then come.  You're paying them to do it when you want, how you want, and where you want.  Basically, you're paying them for convenience.  Quick, mutually pleasurable sex, with no training period, no risk of arrest or blackmail, and most importantly, *no expectations from mom*!  But notice that I never said, 'anonymous', or 'passionless'.  Most Lilians prefer to have a little boyfriend that they can get to know, and our Acolyte Program most definitely provides for this desire.

01 - My Acolyte's name is Laurus, and he's a real sweetheart.  He drops by around 7, puts the teakettle on, and makes his way to my room.  We exchange only a few pleasantries, before he gets to work, sidling up between my thighs, and kissing his way up my leg, just the way I like it!  I'll take a little break from reading my paper during his wakeup call, just spreading my long legs for him, and leaning back, so he can pamper me.  We've been doing this every morning for the past year, so he's learned the *little things*, like how much I love it when he spreads me open, and just makes one *long* lick, from bottom, to top, before yanking on my pubes, and sucking my clit into his mouth.  Or how I'll start *dripping* when I feel his hot breaths on my quim, just before he worms his wet tongue into my hole, and nuzzles his cute little nose into my rosebud!  He'll reach up and tickle the insides of my arms while he feasts, and squeeze my hands tight, as I gush all over his face.  But that's not all he can do!

03 - Laurus is a *really* great fuck!  Now I know what you're thinking, and yeah, most Lilian boys are *pretty good* in the sack, but ask any Nun, there really is a difference between the Acolytes and your average boy.  I like to get stuffed first thing in the morning, so naturally, a lot of boys are a little... backed up when I want it.  I used to have boys stay over, and drill me awake, but the problem was, they'd be so pumped up from their sexy dreams, that by the time I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, they were balls deep, toes curled, and moaning into my tits!  Not so with little Laurus.  By the time he's walking through the door, he's already jizzed all over his priestess' tits a couple times, so while he's jacked up and ready to go, he's never *too* excited.  He can give it to me nice and steady, giving me plenty of time to relax, and enjoy.  I can do whatever I want while he's pumping me, reach down, and squeeze his plump cheeks, or tickle those smooth little balls.  Rub my clit, or pinch my nipples, if he hasn't already beat me to it.  And when he squirts off, you'd better believe those hot shots are going where *I* want them!

04 - The priestesses make a point of keeping their boys from 'clock watching', but it's generally understood that you do need to be letting them go within a *somewhat* reasonable timeframe.  They do have other appointments... Like school!  Despite myself, I always do feel a little twinge whenever Laurus has to go back to his priestess.  I never had kids, focusing instead, on my career, so I missed out on all that mothering stuff.  I think Laurus knows that, because he's taken to calling me mama, both in and out of the bedroom, and when I'm giving him his tithes, he always makes sure to thank me, like it's an allowance or something!  It seems a little hokey, but it really is nice, for an old lady with a belly full of jizz, to get her little mommy moment out, before dealing with a bunch of ornery slaves.  Once Laurus' tithe is neatly tucked away in his backpack, we'll get a quick shower in, and I'll drive him over to the Temple.  It really does make for a great morning!

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