Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sailor Sluts Sextreme Ad 1 Retrospective

I'll probably being doing the regular storyline style of ad for Sextreme, but then, I might not.  I'm still kinda bored with Sailor Sluts.


These were relatively simple to do, which is good, because it's the Fatimiyya period, and I'm dayfasting, so honestly, I don't really have the stomach to write this stuff right now.  But these are straightforward, they're like 600 characters tops, and I can do them relatively simply, as long as I actually, you know, do them.  

I decided to use the full pictures here, because they all shrink down to 640x400.  What I might end up doing for some of them, is just use the blank spaces around the 'action' for the descriptions.  Now that I've learned how to shadow out certain sections of the picture, that's super easy to do.  Notice, by the way, that the 'kronor' price is included, but shadowed out.  They used to do things like that back in the old porno mags, and I always thought it was really fun to tilt the magazine against the light, and see what was being censored out. 

The quotes are fun, I think, and I might make/use a couple more, if I continue with Sextreme and go through the scenes.  It's always fun when movies own their bad reviews.


We'll see what happens this week.  I'll admit, I'm kind of distracted.  Barring some kind of epiphany, things will most likely be back to normal by April. 

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