Friday, March 11, 2016

SuperSoft Babysitting Video 2 and Outro

This is the final part of the SuperSoft pamphlet.  I'm actually sad to see it go, I think it's one of my better stories. 


Peck to the nips
Juggle on the tits
Cum on the face
To appeal to your base


32533041_p1 - Having a judge on our side, while convenient, isn't necessarily carte blanche to do whatever we want.  There *are* rules, and while they're quite relaxed in some respects, they're restrictive in others.  For example, licking and sucking a woman's nipples is considered 'non-sexual affection or play' when it's maternal/filial, but 'erotic foreplay', when it's a boy and his babysitter.  Light, quick, kisses, however, *do* fit the criteria of 'play', and so, we make a point of including them in almost every scene.  Sometimes, Maksim will take the initiative, planting sweet little smooches all over Daryna's face and neck, before moving down to her chest, and giving her warm, full, breasts some love.  Other times, Daryna will take charge, kissing the top of Maksim's head during an embrace, before gently (but not *too* gently) pushing him lower.  The camera follows his face, tenderly pecking its way down her neck and chest, before panning up, to show Daryna's beautifully pleased expression, as she throws her head back to sigh, giggle, and *squeal* with delight.

32334660_p3 - What do you mean, sexual?  He's *playing horsie with his babysitter*, get your mind out of the gutter!  You'd be amazed at what we can get away with.  Normally, for our grand finale, we'll try to pantomime a sex act, where Maksim could 'accidentally' slip in, or at least end up coming all over Daryna.  For 'horsie', we'll usually have Maksim bounce up and down, slide back and forth, and of course, play those stiff nipples like a young Terminator X.  Meanwhile, Daryna would do her oh-so-innocent giggling schoolgirl act, reaching up to tickle and stroke her lover's sides, making him squirm and bounce even more. 

32533041_p2 - We fought *hard* for this scene.  *Really* hard.  There's nothing quite like a good cumshot to close out a porno, and after weeks of rewrites and months of cajoling, we were finally able to frame this 'happy ending' to the horsie scene.  *Supposedly*, Maksim's totally innocent back and forth action along his babysitter's soft tummy, caused him to *accidentally* squirt his hot jizz all over her face and tits.  *"It could happen to you!"*  So of course, Daryna has to explain how all the sexy teenage babysitters out in TV land should deal with this *unfortunate accident*.  And how else, but through another gropey, strokey, *nude* snuggle session?  

flowercolor - Making SuperSoft films isn't like making regular Lilian Porno.  You have to keep up to date with *multiple* legal systems at all times, and you have to develop a much deeper connection to your fanbase, as well.  They're putting a lot of trust in you, and they're giving you *a lot* of cash, too.  We'll often cater more to a crowd of hardcore collectors, who are interested in seeing *everything* in our library, than to the casual 'quick jerk after work' group, that most of the normal Lilian porn is centered around.  We'll often edit each of our videos for each specific market, and sometimes, we'll edit videos for a specific *person*.  Our dance videos often feature music sent in on Tapes or Compact Disks, from our fans.  Our ritual videos regularly prompt daily electronic-mail discussions, about both theological, *and* sexual topics.  The playtime scenes are normally written and rewritten from the many erotic fantasies and requests that people send in along with their payment.  It is a *different crowd*, but if you can properly appeal to that group of consumers, you can make a *really* good living off of SuperSoft videos. 

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