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SuperSoft Babysitting Video 2 and Outro Retrospective (with future plots)

Yeah, I'm really gonna miss Oksana, Daryna, and Maksim.  I feel like I gave them all a lot of character, without ever actually having them speak.  I mean, a lot of that was the artwork, but still, I really like how this came out in the end.  I think this was one of my better pamphlets. 


I generally followed the basic pattern with the video pages.  Explain what they're doing and why it's legal, then give some level of sexual narrative.  The bubbles had to make a comeback for the last 2 pictures, since it's just so difficult to cram the text into such a small space.  I'm figuring it out, though.  I just wish I'd known this stuff earlier.  But you know what they say, experience is the best teacher.  Do they say that? 
Anyway, we finally get some real sexuality going between the boy and his future mistress at the end there, which serves as kind of an outro for the story overall, as well as for that specific video discussion.  I guess it also serves as a little pointer for the reader, if they're fapping along to the pamphlet, that yeah, the pamphlet's over, so finish up now.  Maybe. 
The Public Enemy reference on the second page was mostly just for fun, although honestly, I could imagine the boy making little record scratching sounds while rubbing Daryna's nipples, just to make the whole thing a little less sexual looking.  I mean, how else would you get away with letting a kid damn near titfuck you, and then come all over your face? 

I wasn't sure what to do with the outro at first, but then I started thinking about what was in my headcanon, that hadn't actually gotten out into the realcanon.  The answer to 'who buys these', was pretty much the only thing that I hadn't really covered, and I didn't really cover it here, but I did get a little bit of insight, which is good.  It also manages to make it very clear that this pamphlet is written for a Lilian woman looking to get into the Lilian porno industry, and deciding which genre to go for. 


I just, as in like, yesterday, found a really bitchin set of western art, that I really want to use.  It's not strictly /ss/, but it's a lot of fun, and I want to make it like the grimoire pages, where it's something that I do when I don't really feel like doing anything else.  It'll be like a "Circle/Coven Priestesses from around the world" kind of thing, that'll focus largely on the international nature of the Lilians, and the underground Lilian economy, while also presenting an attractive little pinup, and a (hopefully) sexy story. 

Here's the pics that I'm using, with the ones that I'm referring to in this prewrite, in Priestesses/goodpics/.  I'm including all of the pics though, because they're all great.  It was difficult picking between them. Here's my initial prewriting on the concept.  Note that I went back and filled in the numerical filenames with full descriptions after the fact, and that this was written in my usual 'stream of consciousness' prewriting style. 


It's 20 years after the Night Journey, and to celebrate, the Lilians are releasing a little booklet that glorifies their global spread.  Basically, they get examples of different priestesses from different Lilian Circles and Covens, and they're largely business-owners, and stuff like that.  They talk about their hot sex, and tell different stories, maybe? 

The first step is to pick these out.  I've got like 200+ pics, and I *really* can't use all of them.  We'll start with the gifs.

022 - Beatrice, EuroSoCen, Nurse Theme, Pediatrics Clinic or Sperm Bank
067 - Gabrielle, IndoCh, Nurse Theme, Sperm Bank or Pediatrics Clinic
161 - Ursula, AfrMix, Lapdance Theme, Strip Club Owner
178 - Aicha, Kurd, Costume, Local Government

Okay, see, that was already 4 pics.  Now onto the jpegs, of which there are like over 200.

002 - Yolanda, SAmer, Candy Theme, Lilian Drug Candies?
003 - Raisa, EuroEst, Red Theme, Union Boss (corrupt)
009 - Ada, MEast, Generic, might not use her lips too big
010 - Afenia, AfrNat, Art Theme, Counterfeit Artifacts/Art?
015 - Alia, MEast, Pearl Theme, Boutique
026 - Colette, EuroWest, Phone Theme, Phone Sex
027 - Carlita, EuroMed, Ice Cream Theme, Ice Cream Parlor
034 - Chella, SAmer, Baseball Theme, Sports Betting
035 - Chrissy, SAmer(?), Generic, Bedroom Eyes possible therapist?
041 - Culina, AfrNat, Generic, CPS/Government Infiltration
047 - Deborah, SAmer(?), Generic, Nice Smile, Import/Export?
057 - EvaMarie, EuroWest, Pool Theme, Resort Owner
061 - Felice, MEast, Doorway Theme, Hippie Theme, Music Producer
066 - Gabriela, SAmer, Gangster Theme, Import/Export (Smuggler)
069 - Giselle, SAmer, Camera Theme, Blackmail
072 - HedWiga, EuroNo, Weird Hair, Brothel Owner
082 - Jacqueline, NavAm, Mistress Theme, Dominatrix/Findom
091 - Karima, MEast, Pool Theme, Resort Owner
094 - La Gaucha, SAmer, Cowgirl Theme, Ranching (Drug Manufacture)
099 - Li Sing, PacIsl, Water/Flower Theme, Import/Export (Smuggler)
103 - Lola, AfrMix, Beach Theme, Boutique Owner
110 - Marchetta, SAmer, Airbrush Theme, Auto Shop (Chop Shop)
115 - Marixa, SAmer, Weapons Theme, Arms Manufacture
117 - Matsui, Japan, Patriotic Theme, Local Politics
126 - Nys, NAmer, Wholesome Theme, Bribery/Blackmail/Extortion
136 - Ping, SKor, Generic/Fuck-Me-Eyes, Lilian Defense Industry
139 - Rebecca, NAmer, Hippie Theme, Drug Wholesale
142 - Ruth, MEast, Hairy Theme, SuperSoft Producer
146 - Saliha, AfrMix, Brothel Theme, Brothel Owner
148 - Sanjita, MEast/Ind, Shower Theme, Con-Artist
153 - Stella, Eng, Dominatrix Theme, Dominatrix
157 - Tessa, EuroWest, Tough Theme, Lilian Defense Industry
166 - Xima, CentAsia, Flower Theme, Drug Manufacture
167 - Xiomara, SAmer, Banana Crate Theme, Import/Export
168 - Yasmine, Ind, Flower Theme, Extortion
170 - Zamfirah, Iran, Sword Theme, Lilian Defense Industry
174 - Abina, Eng, Anal Theme, Brothel Owner
176 - Adina, AfrMix, Drum Theme, Music Production
181 - Arianna, MEast, Robe Theme, Clothing Manufacture
184 - Barbara, MEast, Mast Theme, Human Smuggling
196 - Cleo, AfrNat, Gold Theme, Gambling
202 - Farida, MEast, Hairy Theme, Wire Fraud
209 - Kim, NAmer, Generic, Counterfeit Goods
211 - Kitty, Eng, Billiards Theme, Hustling/Con-Artist
217 - Magdalena, SAmer, Record Theme, Counterfeit Goods
218 - Natassia, EuroEst, Weapons Theme, Arms Manufacture
220 - Paula, SAmer/AfrMix, Generic, Air Smuggling
221 - Regina, EuroWest, Shells Theme, Customs Embezzlement
226 - Sabrina, AfrNat, Boxing Theme, Sports Betting
228 - Sharmilla, Ind, Traditional Theme, Human Smuggling
231 - Tiffany, AfrMix, Prostitute Theme, Furniture Manufacture (Smuggling)
236 - Xica, AfrMix/SAmer, Flower Theme, Accounting (Money Laundering)
237 - Xiomara, AfrNat, Cabaret Theme, Cabaret Owner (Burlesque) (Gambling)
238 - Xua, Tai, Fit Theme, Lilian Defense Industry
239 - Yasmin, PacIsl, Chillax Theme, Local Government

Okay, so that's like 59 pictures, which is a lot, but then, the position pamphlet is 50 pages, I've done 50 pagers before, like the Acolyte Pamphlet, and Mommy Bubble 80's.  As a sort of simple thing to do when I'm not up to writing a real thing, these could work reasonably well.  If they're short, punchy, and sexy, I could see these being a lot of fun.  The big issue is that I'd have to keep them fresh, and without a boy or any real explicit sex to play off of, this would literally be *just* character building, without any sort of real sexual narrative.  Of course, porno mags do this shit all the time, it's like their fucking MO.  Realistically, I could just do a little blurby intro to the priestess, and then she shares a sex fantasy.  Bam, done.  Kinda samey and really straightforward, but hey, it's porn, and it won't be samey if I don't make it samey. 

Next thing to do, is to figure out how many of each race I have.  Does it matter?  Eh.  But it feels like it could matter.  So let's work it out. 

Black :
White :
Arab  :
Asian :
SAmer :

No, that's definitely not going to work, like 60% of them look crazy fucking mixed, which actually, might be a good thing.  Part of the story, is that the Lilians like to blanda upp, but since these girls are like 25+, I guess that doesn't *really* make too much sense, storyline-wise.  Anyway, I'll call their races as I see them, and just mix them all up, for good measure.  Blanda!!!

So what else?  Formatting?  Well most of these, not all, but most, are in portrait, so the obvious thing is just blurb in violet up top, and then sexual narrative, possibly spurred on by a question, in some other color, right below that.  Let's say 400 characters for the blurb, and 800 characters for the narrative.  The ones with obvious props would most likely work those props into their storylines, and maybe even into their sexual narrative, the ones without props would be kinda generic, but really, generic just means, 'creative', so the ones without props are where I spread my wings and belly-flop straight into the fucking concrete. 

So next up, let's go through one by one, and just do a quick little appraisal.

Wow that took a long time.  But I guess you only need to do it once, right?  Some of them are repeats, but I'll be mixing them up, so it shouldn't be *too* blatant, right?  Right?  These might end up in the magazines, which would mitigate the issue somewhat, although I'm still not sure whether that's the best way to present these.  I'll have to think about it.  Writing the content comes first.  Then you can work out how to implement it. 

Probably, when I actually end up writing these, they'll turn out to be a lot more varied.  I mean, you can have 2 brothel owners, but they're going to have different styles, different situations, and cater to different crowds.  Some might be lesbian brothels (do those exist?), others might be like gay bathhouses.  So it probably won't be such a big issue, as long as I can keep the sex narratives somewhat varied. 


So anyway, next week is probably Sailor Sluts on monday and friday, and then either a one-off sex narrative, or the first installment of Lilian Booty Queens (not calling it that) for wednesday.  

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