Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SuperSoft Babysitting Video 1

This is the first half of the SuperSoft Babysitting video set.  It presents a new character, and goes through a couple of erotic scenes.


Who is the Daryna
Does she want the Pyna
Ain't you glad you Syna


32533041_p0 - Who's that cutie with the the perky cheeks, and that tight little pussy?  It's certainly not mommy!  Maksim's starting to get up there a little, and when he finally gets to be contracting age, I want his transition to be smooth, and easy.  That's why I've started matching him up with my lovely young Assistant Producer, Daryna.  She's just out of her teens, and she and my Maksim get along great.  She's grown up in front of the camera, making lesbian SuperSoft films with me, and some of her younger girlfriends.  Recently, though, our marketing company was able to cut a deal with a certain Lilian-Sympathetic judge, who ruled that 'non-sexual affection or play' doesn't *have* to be with just the mother.  Well, that opened up an opportunity for a new series, with my two little lovebirds!  Their first film is called, "The Importance of Skinship, with Maksim and Daryna", and it's *supposed* to be an educational piece, to teach nudist babysitters how to be affectionate with their charges, without getting sexual.  Well, it most definitely fails on the 'non-sexual' front, but hey, it's not a *crime* to give bad advice, and as long as *we* say that erections are nonsexual, our pet judge can choose to believe us!

32334660_p1 - One of the important things that we have to do for these films, legally speaking, is to establish the idea that in the nudist context, male erections, foreplay-esque stroking, and even lubrication and ejaculation are *not* sexual.  It's a bit of a tough order, but at a projected price of 400 USD for a 30 minute video, we were *definitely* up to the challenge!  We decided to rehash the old 'explanation scenes' from our Ritual Videos, but this time, little Maksim's turgid shaft would be on full display, bobbing up and down against Daryna's creamy thighs, as the two lovers stroked and squeezed one another.  The camera would pan across their lithe bodies, pausing briefly to capture their horny, dripping, charms, before cutting back to Daryna's lovely, lying, look, as she told the camera just how *unaroused* they both were.  The two of them would continue to snuggle and grope, as my future Daughter in Law explained how this saucy 'skinship' could do everything from cure sibling rivalries, to civilize young, unpolished, hellions.  Well, we weren't lying about *that*!

32334660_p2 - Daryna, like myself, never really took to the whole 'live off of the slave's paycheck' idea.  Aside from our films, the two us actually run a small dance studio, where we teach everything from exotic pole-dancing (for girls *and* boys), to ballroom dance, which happens to be Daryna's specialty.  We open this scene with a short blurb about how sharing hobbies and skills can bring a babysitter and her charge closer together, before panning up from Daryna's calves, to little Maksim's stiffness, nestled warmly in between his future mistress' pert thighs, and gently teasing at her entrance.  As the music starts, slow and heady, the two lovers dance, swaying back and forth in unison, and the innuendos are in full force, as Daryna ever-so-gently corrects and instructs her adorable student on how to squeeze and caress her, under the *guise* of guiding his step patterns.  As they glide across the floor, my baby's sensitive tip slips and slithers against Daryna's moist lips.   The waltz of seduction builds in intensity, the camera ever so often panning down to capture the glistening wetness between the lovely dance instructor's long legs.  Is it sweat, or something else?  Before anyone has a chance to think about it, the song reaches its climax, and Daryna closes her legs tight, trapping my baby's cock in a loving sheath of pleasurable warmth.  Her ample hips sway with the beat, her warm thighs stimulating Maksim to a climax of his own, and as he collapses into her soft embrace, his hot seed, unseen by the camera, dribbles down his lover's stockings.  

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