Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Acolyte Initial Session 1 Retrospective

Yay, back and full of new ideas.  I actually had a tough time initially figuring out what the hell to do with this one, but I decided that this week was going to be another 2 part sex narrative, so I totally fucked that up out of the starting gate.  Let's just call this "guide content".


I'm really digging the way this little one-off is coming out.  The art is awesome, I really love ponfaz' work, although I really, really, wish he'd release clean sets.  Hell, I wish everyone would release clean sets.  But that's neither here nor there, I'll do a little bit of GIMP surgery if I have to.  What I really love about these sets, and their artwork, is how nice and close he draws the characters.  They really do look like lovers.  I'm glad that I found a way to work in that first page, it's really good.  It's funny though, I was originally going to make this a 3 page titfucking narrative, and those pages, which are the only reason this set is being used, wound up being in the next part.  I think they'll do a good job, though.

The writing for this is largely directed towards a new(ish) Lilian, who's just getting into the faith, but has been after boys for a while.  She's got a lot of fantasies, but not a lot of actual (s)experience with the boys.  She finds the Lilians, but is a little far from the Regional Temples, and even the Covens.  After some IRC chats and likely CP sharing, she manages to secure a session with a local Cell/Circle acolyte, or gets one sent out to her for outreach.
But at this point, the Priestess is looking at the gasoline and administrative costs, paired with the lost revenue that this single session represents, and is realizing that she's either going to have to price gouge this lady (not gonna work), or get her to fall in love with the acolyte, and schedule regular sessions, phone sessions, weekend getaways at Lilian Circles, and stuff like that.  At the very least, she's going to need like 3 or 4 sessions to actually break even with this lady.

So what does she do?  Well, she does what all Temple Whores do.  She gives each individual sex act its own spiritual meaning, and takes it reeeeally slow, while still keeping the client enthralled and interested.  Through stories, pageantry, and some very light magic tricks, she turns what should be 5 minutes of foreplay, into an hourlong sermon, dance routine, meditation lesson, and shamanic ritual.  If you've ever wondered how those "Goddess Temple Tantric Healing" brothels stay open, this is how.  The first few sessions aren't even sexual, or they're barely sexual, but of course, you're still paying full price for each one.  They ramp up the sex in every session after the ' making sure you're not a cop  teaching you our deeply sacred faith ' time, until it pretty much is just prostitution, but there's always that element of spirituality to it.  Even if it is just a cover.
Personally, I like their business model, and the community that they build around their services (my mother briefly flirted with these people after her divorce) is actually really healthy, and very positive.  But that's neither here nor there.  Storywise, this is what the priestesses are doing with their acolytes.  I'm still not sure whether to capitalize those or not.  Anyway, that's what they're doing, and hopefully I'm explaining the shit correctly.

I like the writing for the gospel on page 3.  The bit about the 'blooming groom' is really nice.  Or I think it is.  Anyway, it was fun to write, and it was actually pretty off the cuff, which is neat.  I managed to not just crib from the Quran this time.  I'm planning on making another heavy theology pamphlet at some point, using another of pinknoise's works.  This is probably good practice.


So that actually ended up being a lot more writing than I was expecting, but hey, the acolyte program is actually something that I find really interesting.  I'll probably be doing more Gonzo Guide tomorrow, and then I'll finish this off for friday.  

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