Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Acolyte Initial Session 1

This is a short 2 piece guide for new Lilians fucking their first acolyte.  It's supposed to be sort of like the Acolyte pamphlet, but from the perspective of the consumer.  Like an etiquette manual.  Sort of.


Just cause he's a big ho
Don't mean you should be a foe
That would be a no-no


 page36 - So it's finally here, the night that you've been dreaming about, screaming about, *creaming* about.  You've scrimped and saved, spent hot nights alone at home, leafing through the nearest Temple's acolyte menu, and you've found that perfect little cutie for your first outcall session.  Well, it's natural for you to want to dive right in, and do *everything* all at once, but before you go crazy, remember that this isn't the Vegas strip, and these boys aren't little playthings.  The acolyte program has never been about quick, casual, encounters.  While our boys *are* well trained, you'll both have a lot more fun, if the relationship (and yes, it *is* a relationship) is allowed to develop and mature over time.

page28 - One mistake that many new sisters make, during their first outcalls, is actually somewhat surprising.  Often, we are drawn to boys for their adorable affection, and unconditional acceptance.  We'll admire them from afar, imagining all of these complex romantic scenarios, and swearing up and down that *someday*, we'll have our fairy-tale love story with one of these little morsels.  That's all well and good, and it's quite beautiful indeed.  But too often, when a new Lilian gets her hands on that first acolyte, the romance is forgotten.  She'll lose herself completely, tearing his clothes off in a flurry of lustful intensity, often leaving bites and scratches all over his body, pushing him down, and forcing him into her.  Again, our acolytes are very well trained, but is this *really* how a Lilian should conduct herself?  Is *this* representative of Our Goddess' love?  Of course not.  For your first outcall, you should make an effort to keep yourself calm and collected.  You should lay your boy down gently, stripping him slowly, and savoring each newly exposed bit of flesh.  These boys really are a work of art, and as a budding connoisseur, you should be appreciating them as you would a fine wine.  Take your time with these boys.  They aren't watching the clock, and you shouldn't either.  Relish his small hands clutching your back, as he quivers under your embrace!  Revel in his soft lips, and savor the sweetness of his tender tongue!  Don't cheat *yourself* by rushing straight to the more visceral pleasures.

page30 - We make a lot out of our boys' pussy-eating skills.  It's not a joke, they really *are* that good, and they really *do* love every second of it.  But there's a reason why, in Our Goddess' gospel, we find twice as many fantasies revolving around fellatio, than cunnilingus.  There's a reason why she spends the entirety of Chapter 49 enthusiastically gushing about the tastes, scents, and uniquely silky textures, of different types of boycock.  Our Goddess loves her boys, and she loves their cocks.  To understand her, we must understand this love, and helping young women like yourself to understand Our Goddess' adoration for boys, is actually the acolyte's most important job.  So make use of him!  Discover the meaning of Our Goddess' uniquely poetic words, when she describes, "My little blooming groom, sprouting and seeping his nectar, he grows strong and proud in the warmth of my love, and blossoms in the heat, to quench my desire."  Explore the hidden nuance, when she reports, "His gentle gasps contrasted with bucking hips, one soft and sweet, the other primal and greedy.  As his queen, I controlled them both."  Live the fantasies of Our Goddess, and fulfill her yearnings.  Through this most intimate of acts, come to understand Our Goddess, through her most cherished pleasure. 

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