Monday, April 25, 2016

Acolyte Initial Session 2

This is the last half of the Acolyte Initial Session 2-part.  It covers more of the initial session ideas.


Riding like a pony
Giving her the bony 
She'll take you like Kony


page34a - Just as the sacred womb creates new life from a single seed, the bosom, warm and soft, nurtures and comforts the most vulnerable of our 'little sprouts'.  Our Goddess' ample bust has great prominence, not only in her gospel, but also in the myriad of erotic and affectionate fantasies that her beloved boys have created around her.  The Cult of Lilith is often a cult of the breast, more than anything else.  This is especially true in the context of our boys.  They love tits!  Our priestesses make a point of suckling their young charges every day, and our Nuns will often give entire sermons to their bonded students during a nursing session.  There's just something special, to a boy, about being held in those soft arms, lovingly cooed to, and gently stroked, while enjoying the taste and texture of the *other* white stuff!  But even if you're not yet on that level, you can experience one of Our Goddess' favorite tributary reception methods, firsthand.  As his fingers sink into your sensitive, pliant, breasts, he needily thrusts and pumps, greedily grabbing at your chest, to gather together more and more of that pleasing titflesh.  You look up at his frustrated form, teasing his nipples as he does the same, or reaching behind him, to knead and squeeze his plump ass, and pull him even closer. 

page34b - The true beauty of this act lies in its capacity to educate.  Many sisters imagining their first time with a boy, put themselves on top, doing all the work.  Well, there's obviously nothing wrong with riding your little lover, but like most things, you'll have a lot more *fun*, if you know what you're doing.  One of the reasons that Our Goddess suggests this position, is that provides a rare opportunity to put yourself in the position of a passive, 'ridden' participant.  Our Goddess reported, of this act, "Looking up at my lover in that position was a welcome change, but even moreso, it was a confirmation of my dominion.  I relaxed into his touch at first, basking in the knowledge that *every* part of me elicits pleasure, but soon, I discovered something quite special.  When I rode my servant's cock, he'd often grab onto my waist, or reach up, to caress my tits or tummy.  For the longest time, I thought this was an attempt at 'soft domination', and chided him for it.  But laying there, his beautiful cock throbbing just inches from my lips, my sensitive nipples stiff and wet in anticipation of his tribute, my instincts took over, and the only thing I wanted to do was touch this seductive little slave all over, draw him in as close as I could, and share with him the deepest of pleasures."

page35 - Our acolytes know how to extend the pleasure, but it's no fun for anyone, if he doesn't give you tribute!  This final act, despite its fleeting nature, is very much a part of the experience.  While it can certainly be a lot of fun to let a boy shoot off between your tits, especially when he licks you clean, Our Goddess actually preferred to lift her servants up and into her mouth, so that they could finish up there.  Many sisters have questioned Lilith's fascination with facial tribute, but when exploring her fantasies, it's easy to see where she's *coming* from.  When your acolyte starts moaning like a whore, and twitching between your soft tits, it's not difficult for your rhythmic squeezing and kneading to turn into a pulling, and then a lifting, and then suddenly, his lovely spurting head is bobbing against your wet, waiting, tongue, and he's collapsing in ecstatic abandon, into your warm mouth.  Or perhaps you simply pulled him in, yourself, once you got a taste of his delicious juices.  Either way, his adorably boyish weakness becomes clear, as his thighs spread, and he exhaustedly sinks deeper into your warm mouth.  Spend a few moments savoring his warmth, and the softness of his skin, before rolling him over, or lifting him up and off of you.  Feel how light he is?  That's why Our Goddess likes them small!

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