Monday, April 25, 2016

Acolyte Initial Session 2 Retrospective

Ug.  My ear infection is finally starting to clear up, so I can kinda-sorta think again.  Maaaaybe I'll get back to the regular schedule.  This one was reasonably fun to make, even if it was a little on the difficult side.  I like the way it came out, though, it really encompasses everything that I want these to be.  There's a little bit of theological content, a little bit of guide, and a little bit of narrative.  I'm actually digging these 2 part 6-8 pagers.  They're a good fit for this format.


There's actually not much to say here that I didn't say in the last one.  I like, though, that I was able to devote the first part of this little set to explaining and expanding the storyline, and then the last part of the set is more sexual narrative focused.  It's very tight, and I think it works really well.

The bit that's supposedly by Lilith on the second page was a bit of a bellyache for me.  There's supposed to be a lot of erotic content in the gospel, but it's also not supposed to be linearly narrative, and this is definitely narrative.  But then, it's kind of guidey, so I don't know.   Well, it's not really linear, so much, since it's more talking about the sex act itself, more than giving a play by play, and it's not really narrative, because again, there's no real play by play.  She's talking about how she felt during the act, and what it meant to her, and why it's important.  She's not really describing the act itself.  So my story is safe!  Huzzah!

Hopefully my segues into narrative are working well.  I've been putting some thought into how best to do those, and I'm thinking that from here out, I can probably start mixing and matching my narrative, theological, and guide content in a much more fluid way.


So if I'm reasonably up to it this week, I'll be doing some more Gonzo Guide on wednesday, and probably starting a new guide/narrative thing about safe sex and possibly fraternal/sororal theology on friday. 

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