Saturday, April 30, 2016

BroSis RockyTop Intro/Hando Retrospective

First off, they're not actually in Tennessee, I was originally going to name this "BroSis Mountain", but that seemed dull, so RockyTop it became. 


It's always tough to make up new characters, and start off a new set, and this time was no exception.  I had a general idea of how I wanted this to go, but most of the Lilian shrine stuff wound up getting added in as I was writing it, so the whole thing ended up taking a lot longer to write than I was originally expecting it to.  And now I keep get distracted by reddit. 

Anyway, these pictures I think work reasonably well for what I'm trying to do.  They're mostly nude, but there's a really awesome variety, and only one of them is actually PiV coital sex, so I'll get to explore a lot of the different safe sex options while still getting some semi-interesting ritual stuff out.  The shrines were discussed in the Night Journey prewrite that I did like way a long time ago last year (it wasn't that long ago), so it's good that I'm actually able to use some of them.  I'll probably try to incorporate some different sorts of elements into these, maybe one of them will be in an outdoor shrine, or maybe they'll go to different shrines, not totally sure.  We'll see what happens.  I do want to really show off the shrine ideas, though. 

I'm planning on having most of these, though, be heavily sexual, from a narrative perspective.  The last page is what you should expect.  Lots of sex, lots of discussion of sex, relatively linear, and most likely, with a secondary focus on the drugs, and how they're used in the Lilian worship scene.  I haven't covered what happens when the narrator takes these drugs, yet.  Now's the time, I think. 


So next week will be (most likely) Gonzo Guide on monday, a little gangbang thing on wednesday, and then more of BroSis RockyTop on friday. 

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