Friday, April 29, 2016

BroSis RockyTop Intro/Hando

This is the intro to a set about a brother and sister fucking at a Lilian shrine on a mountain.  It's designed to incorporate the concept of Lilian shrines into the storyline, and also give a number of straightforward sex narratives, with a focus on safe sex. 


Bro and Sis went on sweet RockyTop
Trying to fuck for a week
They did find a jar of herbal wine
Soon that old bed would creak


intro - I love my little brother.  I really, *really* love that boy.  I know we all keep going back and forth about whether or not siblings are allowed to contract with each other, and what about having kids, and all that, but...  I love my brother, and I know for a *fact* that nobody's ever going to love him like I do.  Ever since my mother and I converted to the Lilian faith, we've been inundated with offers from different Nuns, trying to steal away my baby brother's cherry.  They're good offers, and *maybe* we'll let Nikau consider them, but only *after* he's been with big sis!  Unlike them, I'm actually interested in seeing my little bro grow up, and have been forever.  But that's for the future.  For now, it's time to teach him about Lilian love, and my mother and I have decided that I'll be the one to do it.  I wanted to pull out all the stops for little Nikau, and show him all the pleasure that our faith (and his lovely big sis) can offer, so we rented a Lilian shrine up in the mountains, far away from the pressures of Jehovan life.  It was well stocked with food and water, but *also* with the newest aphrodisiacal spirit herb concoctions.  I'd wanted everything to be perfect, but since I'm mostly a lesbian, I didn't know that birth control pills actually have a warm-up period!

flashing - When we got all nice and situated at the shrine, I wasted no time in getting my sweet little brother in the mood.  We couldn't rent out the shrine, though, and *not* use the surrounding ritual materials!  We rang the bells, burnt the incense, recited from the gospel, and finally headed into the tributary chambers, to partake in the herbal wine, and perform the ritual of tribute there.  I'd had a chat with one of the shrinekeeping monks earlier, to arrange regular wine delivery, and when he heard about my pill predicament, he helped me to revise the usual rituals, to *slowly* bring my baby brother closer and closer, day by day, to what I'm sure will soon be his favorite pussy.  First up, of course, was getting him used to big sister's sexy body!  I'd been teasing him for weeks, giving him quick shots of my panties while we're watching TV, or a nice view down my top, while helping him with his homework, but it wasn't until we were there in that beautiful tributary chamber, stoned on wine, breathing in the heady incense, surrounded by the colorful paintings, erotic etchings, and *very* detailed little figurines, that I felt safe enough to dispense with the bullshit, and *really* give my little Nikau a show.  Unfortunately, he was still trapped in some of the old ideas, because he was looking at everything *except* for me!

puffpuff - I could tell that my sweet, shy, little brother was going to need some encouragement, if we were going to be having any fun in our special week together.  I could tell that he was starting to feel the wine, because he was sitting cross legged, with a big tent in his shorts, and gently swaying from side to side, as he smiled and looked at the different paintings.  I sidled up next to him, startling him slightly, when I began gently stroking up and down his toned thighs, squeezing his adorable bulge, and appreciating the well-realized depictions of Our Goddess, smiling down on her servants, nude and dripping, so ready to watch the horny humping below.  Well, I wasn't going to keep her waiting, so in a smooth, practiced motion, I dropped my top, and got my pretty tits out.  That finally broke little Nikau out of his trance, and before he could have another change of heart and look away, I grabbed his head, and buried his blushing face in my bare, ample, cleavage.

strokenurse - Holding little Nikau to my chest was fun and all, but it didn't take long, before that lovely tented bulge was twitching and dripping against my smooth summer dress.  I could tell by his adorable squirming, that the silky texture of his shorts was rubbing him raw, and that he'd be making a mess in no time, if I couldn't get us skyclad soon.  I pried him away from his new toys for a hot second, to pull my dress up over my head, and lift him up out of his shorts.  I decided to set him down in my lap, so I could finally get a handle on his length.  He was positively flying by that point, and our hour of increasingly erotic gospel recitations seemed to have done their job, since he knew exactly where to lick and suck, when I'd gotten him in the right position.  I can't lie, though, I was feeling it too!  Every lick and nibble sent explosive waves of pleasure cascading through my mind, and as I wrapped my soft hand around his hard shaft, slick with sweat and pre-cum, I felt a laser focus on my palm, and every twitch and pulse was magnified in my mind, as the two of us played and pleasured before Our Goddess.  For a while, my heightened perception of Nikau's arousal kept me firmly in control, but he got better and better at teasing and pleasing my sensitive tits, I started to feel my fingers tighten, my eyes narrowed, tunnel vision started to set in, and that pretty, pulsating, head, was all I could see.  My mouth was watering, and I couldn't help but lick my lips, and bend down, pumping harder and faster, until suddenly, I felt every part of Nikau clench tight against me, as he erupted all over my hot, horny, body.

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