Monday, April 11, 2016

Gonzo Guide 1 Retrospective

This one was relatively straightforward to write, but I imagine this pamphlet will get more complex as it goes along. 


This whole thing, really, is an intro, and the next installment will probably be more intro.  It'll take a while before I actually start to get into the sexual narrative, but by 'a while', I really just mean, 'today and friday'.  The first part of the intro, where I go through the different genres of Lilian porno, probably wasn't really necessary, but I feel like it does put the rest of the pamphlet in the proper context, so that's why I did it that way. 

When I get into the masturbation scenes, I kind of expand the intro storyline content a bit, to explain why the Lilians have so many hidden cultural norms in their porn, which also serves to give the Lilians a bit of storyline that they didn't really have before.  The history of the Lilians is interesting, and something that I haven't put a ton of effort into working out. 

The pictures are pinknoise, which is cool, I like pinknoise's stuff, but it's a little on the odd side, since it's Cattleya and her son, so the mom is like super muscular, and the boy, for whatever reason, is hung like a horse.  It's not hyper-ideal, but it's what I've got, so it's what I'm using.  It gets better later.

I like the idea that the Lilians would try to bake safety and accountability into their porno from the start, and I like even more, that they do it through more organic and elegant means.  We'll be exploring some more of those safety measures in the next installment. 


So next up, on wednesday, is the start to a very straightforward sexual narrative, but since it's the intro, it'll be a little tame.  Then on friday, I'll do the other half of the Gonzo Guide intro, before we start to get into the sex.  I might also do a CD cover at some point, too. 

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