Monday, April 11, 2016

Gonzo Guide 1

This is the first part of the Lilian porno Gonzo Guide.  It essentially goes through the different elements of a Lilian hardcore porno, produced in the Gonzo style.  This is the introduction.


No sex just yet
But I would bet
She'll soon be wet


 35_nt_03 - Lilian porno's a tough cookie to break into.  A lot of girls come in from the Jehovan porn industry, thinking that they can apply their knowledge here, and run the industry in just a couple of years.  They figure it's just another porno shoot.  But it isn't.  The audience is as different as the actors.  There are certain taboos that you'd never think of, and certain requirements, that are never officially stated.  There's a bit of a hierarchy as well, when it comes to Lilian Hardcore Erotica, and the different subgenres don't always mix together so well.  There are four big genres of Lilian Hardcore, and I'll briefly discuss them all, before getting to the one that *I* make.  First, there's Sexual Guide Video, designed to educate viewers on different positions, sex acts, and hygiene practices.  These are usually designed for schoolhouse use and village outreach.  Second, there's Theological Guide Videos, which are supposed to teach baby Lilians about the basics of the faith, in a way that is erotic and exciting.  If you've ever seen a ritual video, or a video of a woman touching herself while reciting the Gospel, you were watching a Theological Guide Video.  Next up, are the Story Driven Erotic Films.  These are, by far, the most popular types of videos that get sold by the Lilian Temple.  It's just what it sounds like.  Two or more Lilians, of whatever age or sex, fucking for the camera, within the context of a story.  Now that story can be anything.  I've seen Venus and Cupid playing Olympian matchmaker, and I've seen the Pizza Girl getting her "tip" from a couple of preteen stoners.  As long as there's *some* setup, it's considered Story Driven Erotic Film.  But that's not what I do, and that's not what we're going to be talking about here.  I do Candid Erotic Film.  In the Jehovan world, it's called, "Gonzo".  Simple sets, very straightforward production and editing, no scripts, minimal planning, and normally, the entire production process, from start to finish, occurs within our family home.

35_nt_03 - Generally speaking, the first scene of any Lilian Erotic Film is going to be a masturbation scene.  If you've watched a lot of porno, you've probably noticed this.  Most people think it's just a warmup for the viewer, and on some level, it probably is.  But the real reason for these scenes, is actually a lot deeper.  Back in the day, and I mean like, 197*6*, the bulk of the new Lilian converts were porno actresses and strippers, streaming north from LA, after aging out of the industry there.  They knew first hand how bad things could get on porno shoots, so they established a system to help Lilian films self-regulate.  First, they wanted to make sure that shoots were stimulant free, and that the boys were being treated right.  They needed to establish a 'baseline' for the actors.  The easiest way to do this, is to show a boy going from flaccid to erect, to ejaculating, to flaccid again.  So... Masturbation!  While the boy does his thing, the camera pans across his body, from his pumping arms, to his curling toes, those slender wrists and soft hands, deftly dancing across his shaft.  Those aren't just fetish shots, they're an appraisal of the more common injection and restraint points, and Lilians *will* be expecting to see them at the beginning of each video.

34_nt_02 - Our little erotic checkup doesn't stop with the boys.  Your leading ladies, as well, should be prepared to strip down and show themselves becoming aroused, masturbating, and coming.  The focus here, though, is more about seeing (and hearing) her natural orgasm and arousal process.  It's best to overshoot here, than to undershoot, since too marked of an increase in vocality, or lubrication, in later scenes, might be taken as a sign of stimulant use.  So as they say, "practice how you play"!  Aside from simple Safety and Health Inspection, the masturbation scenes can be used as a little introduction to you, or to the 'theme' of your specific film.  If you're dressing up like a certain character, talk a bit about that character, or the work that went into the costumes.  If there's a specific Gospel verse that gets you hot, feel free to recite!  Even just a little dirty talk can go a long way, towards endearing you to the minority group of usually Temple Bureaucrats, who *don't* skip these horrendously boring intro scenes. 

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