Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gonzo Guide Snuggling Block

This is the second bit of the Gonzo Guide intro.  It explains how the films are used, and introduces the format that will be used in the guide.  Also, it shows some nice pix :)


Big time nuzzlas
They're milk guzzlas
Don't be a rustla 
Or you'll get the musclas

(these are getting worse every time)


32_nt_00 - When it comes to licensing and syndication within the wider Lilian erotic "system", there is one element in particular, that will make or break you, in the Candid Erotic Film industry.  That element is love.  The degree to which your performers love one another, and the degree to which their love is clear to the audience, will very directly affect how widely your film is screened, and so, how much money you make.  The early Lilians didn't just leave LA behind, they left the entire concept of loveless 'screen sex' behind, as well.  Full of revolutionary zeal, these women established a culture of erotica that was very much based around individual couples, realistically short scenes, and brief, but numerous, "lifestyle" scenes, which generally served a dual purpose.  The scenes showed that the performers, at the very least, *knew* one another, and that they were comfortable being around each other in a more friendly, but still intimate, setting.  This was important to the initial converts, but today, the scenes serve a different purpose.  They're somewhere between a series of 'endearment scenes', and simple 'bonus stock footage', and they're normally spread out randomly over the course of the video.  These films, for the most part, don't get watched from start to finish, in a single sitting.  They get chopped up, and the individual scenes are placed between short sermons or gospel recitations, in place of Jehovan commercials, in Temple TV.  *That's* why shorter scenes are preferable, and *that's* why novelty is at a premium. 

42_nt_10 - Makeout scenes are normally implemented in montages for short theological sermons.  They should be done nude, of course, but there should also be a focus on the boy's helplessness, submission, and wide-eyed wonder.   

33_nt_01 - Nursing scenes are normally placed in between action-oriented programming, and more phlegmatic, slower paced fare.  The focus here should be on providing a relaxing bridge, to calm the viewer, and ease them into a state of lessened excitement.  If possible, the view should pan from the erect nipple, being sucked and teased, up to the pleased face of the female performer. 

55_nt_23 - Snuggling scenes can easily be used as a type of extra pillow talk scene, to endear yourself to the Temple bureaucrats, but they'll often also wind up backed by gentle, soothing, lullabies, and used in a type of 'off the air' night-time programming, if a Temple doesn't have enough content in its library for 24/7 running.  As always, nude is best. 

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