Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lilian Booty Queens Paramilitaries

This is the paramilitaries segment of Lilian Booty Queens.  It expands the web of criminal activity of the Grove Gang, going through the woman who protects the grow-op, the woman who provides the arms for that protection, and the woman who provides the troops. 


Murder in the streets
Gwon Gwon Gwon
Time for the rude girls to have some fun


 157Tessa - This is Catharine Ellison.  She's a security consultant working for Rosalia Moreno, on and around her ranch.  Originally an English South African, she took contracts from the Ladies' Rennaisance Parties everywhere from Angola, to Zaire, before running across a local Coven on a police contract, and finding their message to be more enticing than the LRP's.  On the ranch, she largely delegates the day-to-day security concerns to her personally trained lieutenants, while she, herself, liaises with the local competition, and ensures that all of her dug-in defensive positions and well-crafted ambush plans continue to be an unnecessary formality.  After hours, she'll let loose a bit, and pop into her trooper's barracks rooms, for a little one on one morale boost!

115Marixa - This is Marcela Ionesco.  She owns an arms manufacturing conglomerate operating out of Constanta, under the supervision of the Romanian Ladies' Renaissance Party.  Most of her product consists of small arms, and light anti-tank missiles, and are shipped directly to Iraq, for use in their continued struggle.  As a devout Lilian, however, Marcela makes sure that some of her high quality, military grade arms end up 'lost in transit', to find themselves in Lilian hands.  In her off time, Marcela and her largely female office staff run a marksmanship program for young boys, and can often be found nuzzled up behind one of their junior sharpshooters, making sure that his form is just *perfect*!

082Jacqueline - This is Nahimana Racine.  She's the Bureau of Indian Affairs Police Chief for the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation.  The region's obscene unemployment and often absentee fathers has created a situation very conducive to Lilian recruitment.  Nahimana uses her position, and her contacts with local Lilian tribeswomen, to fabricate a 'methamphetamine epidemic', ostensibly originating from the aforementioned husbands, which of course, requires huge amounts of automatic weapons.  Nahimana uses these weapons to personally train a new generation of Lilian Defense Specialists, who are farmed out to the wider community of Priestesses on a contract basis.  The dramatic plunge in federal welfare requests from the Reservation has dissuaded any sort of closer examination, and Nahimana's special brand of Pavlovian combat training ensures the highest levels of loyalty and ferocity, from her young cadets. 

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