Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lilian Booty Queens Paramilitaries Retrospective

I'm kinda glad I did this today, and not yesterday.  It's better to be fresh, I think.


These were a lot of fun to think about and write, and I think it's neat to have each of these mostly independent Priestesses all kind of come together to form this web that basically operates an international criminal organization.  There isn't a ton of theological storyline here, and there isn't really all that much sexual narrative, either, but I think that's kind of okay.

The big storyline theme here, is the Ladies' Renaissance sort of impacting the overall stability of the world, which is interesting.  I kind of want that concept to essentially be the new Communism, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Of course, like the Soviet Union, there's this idea that the revolution will spread, and it kinda does, and it kinda doesn't.  In my headcanon, Angola, Romania, Laos, and of course, Iraq, are all at least somewhat run by their local LRP.  Notice, by the way, the use of "Zaire", which is called the DRC now.  That was partially intended to put something resembling a date on this piece. 

I really, really, like the story of Nahimana, by the way.  I feel like it really captures the essence of the Lilian strategy.  They go into an impoverished, semi-matriarchal (by necessity) area, and entice the women with promises of financial and social independence, increased intimacy with their children, and most likely, wild sex and drug orgies.  Once the women are on board, they'll enslave or expel the men, and preferably extort them in some way, to get some starting cash.  Once they're set up, they'll start brainwashing the children, and in a couple of years, they'll be swimming in cash. 


So there's this week's final release.   Most likely, I'll be doing a 2 part sexual narrative (and it will be sexual) next week, with some LBQ on wednesday. 

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