Wednesday, April 6, 2016

LSP Formal Dinner / LBQ Naval (Customer) Base

These are the Lilian Slave Pricing Formal Dinner and Lilian Booty Queens Naval (Customer) Base pages.  They cover Etiquette testing, and brothel advertising, respectively. 


A mostly normal formal

A bartender sender
A perverse nurse


11formaldance - The *very* last test, before you compile the boy's package, and start crunching numbers, involves dressing the boy up, and taking him to a formal engagement.  Unfortunately, we don't really have enough in-house personnel on Karileti to throw a formal, semi-formal, or even *informal* Gala, and make it seem in any way natural.  We can, however, easily secure an invitation to a very dull, very *low risk*, semiformal gathering amongst the local pagans, who are, as a group, funded and nurtured, largely, by us.  At this gathering, you will be determining the boy's ability to 'clean up', and operate in this type of environment.  Most children have a *somewhat* difficult time with this, especially if they haven't been socialized specifically for it, so nobody's really expecting the boy to be King Louis in miniature, but you should make some attempt to keep him in line.  These little galas are often the local pagan community's only opportunity to gather under one roof.  Your job, when evaluating him here, is more to note where improvements should be made, and where his *next* etiquette instructor should focus her efforts.  Is he good at keeping quiet, but fidgets like a nun at her first improper stewardship hearing?  Is he a nice, classy dancer, *until* a song that he likes comes on?  How are his table manners?  Again, our expectations here are *very* low, and 100% of these boys will be going to 'finishing school' before their final sale, but it helps to know where the trouble spots are. 

211Kitty - This is Jordan Cornell.  She's the owner/operator of a small bar and pool-hall.  She's quite personable, and her place of business is very popular with the Naval Enlistedmen who make up the bulk of The Grove's adult male customer base.  She very quickly singles out her lonelier and more sensitive young customers, lending a friendly ear and granting a sympathetic, almost maternal, type of 'soft lilian' ministry.  She'll often convert these youths halfway to Our Goddess' word, and with a wink and a nod, she'll coyly refer them to The Grove, for further 'enlightenment'.  Believe it or not, a lot of these young men are actually virgins, so whenever Jordan's feeling like a ritual, she doesn't have to go far. 

067Gabrielle - This is Ligaya Bayani.  She's the nurse in charge of Urinalysis at the Naval Hospital that serves The Grove's military customers.  She, like most Lilian medical professionals, got her start in pediatrics.  As such, whenever a young boy comes in for lab work, not only does Ligaya *personally* ensure that his 'specimen' is always pointed in the right directions, she also makes sure to collect a bit more than is medically necessary, so that Lolita's customers can always rest easy.  Obviously, the boys themselves are the *real* heroes in all this, so if Ligaya's watchful eye makes them shy, she'll leap into action, using her warm, *wet*, mouth, to get that safeguarding stream started.

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