Wednesday, April 6, 2016

LSP Formal Dinner / LBQ Naval (Customer) Base Retrospective

Meh, not much to say about these.  I couldn't find the inner strength to write two Lilian Slave Pricing pages, so I just wrote a couple of Lilian Booty Queen pages instead.  The storylines continue.


I really like the formal dance picture, and really, all of the formal pictures of the island mom and her son.  They're a really adorable couple.  Anyway, we're getting to the end of the Lilian Slave Pricing booklet, which means that the actual slave pricing is going to start coming up a bit more.  I'm probably going to be really vague about it, since I don't actually need a fucking chart, and you don't really want one, and it's outside the scope of the pamphlet anyway. 

I like the little microplot about the Karileti pagans being propped up by the wealthier Lilians, and used, in turn, as a sort of cover for certain activities of theirs.  I feel like it makes the Lilians seem like a realer organization.  Is realer a word?  Well, it's not coming up in the spell checker, so I guess it is.  Huh. 
There's also an interesting element of the Lilians basically accepting that the boys are going to be a little rough around the edges, so they're basically, at that point, just getting data for their finishing school teacher.  These kids would have a long, strange, life ahead of them.  Well, maybe not long, but certainly strange.  In my headcanon, by the way, Lilian Defense Industrialists, such as Nahimana and Catharine, from the last LBQ, would be in the market for these types of boys, to fill out their ranks, and act as personal protégées. 

This week's Lilian Booty Queens are involved in the demand side of The Grove's operation, and I think their little subplot is probably one of the more interesting ones.  A brothel, realistically, wouldn't be able to sustain itself on nothing but kids from the Naval Base, and again, realistically, a place like that would most likely get found out by NCIS, or MCCID, or OSI, or whatever shitshow the Army's running, veeeery quickly.  Especially if they were servicing the sort of people who would, let's be real, not be serving out their full terms. 

But let's say that these guys are staying in, and let's say that these guys aren't pissing hot all the time.  What would that give the Lililans?  Well, if they're all doped up and happy, and halfway converted, they could start handing out classified information, or getting our intrepid sistaz on base.  But that's not actually all that useful for the Lilians, I don't think. 
No, what the Lilians want, is money, and despite what a lot of enlistedmen might think, the military actually provides its servicemembers, particularly overseas/deployed servicemembers, with a lot of money.  And it's all disposable income.  Where does your food come from?  The chow hall.  How much is your rent?  Oh right, you don't have rent, you live in Naval Housing.  Clothes?  Clothing allowance.  Gas?  You live on base, remember?  You walk everywhere.  Medical?  Dental?  They'll literally drag you into the office (for your Ibuprofin 800) if that becomes an issue. 
The biggest boon that these kids give to the Lilians, is their cash.  If the Lilians can enslave just one of them (and how difficult is that, in a fucking brothel?), they can use his paycheck to support a whole other Lilian household, in a developing nation.  It's like 2 for one there.  So even if The Grove is running at a loss, on an acute, financial, level, they'd still be providing a very real service to the wider revolution, and I could very much see them getting an official subsidy from Eugene. 


So next up is the other half of Nightly Nun, and yes, to those of you who vote with your clicks, I do get it.  Y'all like sexual narratives.  plebs
Next week is probably going to be the start of a new pamphlet called, "Gonzo Guide", that will go through the different Lilian hidden cultural norms when it comes to hardcore pornography.  It seems not interesting, but I'm hoping it will be.  By the way, Supersoft babysitting somehow wound up being one of the most popular sets to date.  I guess you guys really liked Daryna and Maksim.  Too bad there's literally 0 content of them left...

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