Monday, April 4, 2016

Nightly Nun 1 Retrospective

This one was kinda easy and kinda hard, although I really, really, enjoyed writing it.  It's fun to play with the different types of lifestyles that the Lilians have. 


Like most of these, I prewrote this whole storyline, and like most of these, I deviated quite a bit from what I was originally planning.  I think the woman was originally going to be the boy's stepmother, and it was going to be just a really straightforward sex narrative, without a lot of overall storyline to it.  Now, those always tend to do well in pageviews, but I really would rather have these contribute to the storyline a bit more. 

Anyway, the name Rosemallow, as odd as it is, is actually just another name for 'Hibiscus', which I could not, in a million years, imagine someone naming their kid.  I don't know why it doesn't flow off my tongue well, but it doesn't flow off my tongue well.  I deliberately didn't give the woman a name, but there isn't really much of a reason.  Maybe it's so the reader can self insert as her?  Well, maybe not.  At any rate, she's supposed to be a Lilian nun, which is never really stated, but it is kinda sorta implied, by the fact that she talks about having an apprentice.  I wasn't really sure how to put it in that she was a nun, so I just sorta didn't. 

I kind of split the text up between relatively straightforward sexual discussion (as in, what are they doing) and somewhat more esoteric guide content, related to the overarching theme of 'personal acolyte training' (why are they doing it).  I feel like it's an okay way of keeping the heat up, while still getting some storyline content in the mix.

I think it's kind of an interesting idea, that if a boy happens to have a big cock before puberty, his mother would invest crazy amounts of cash into training him up to be an acolyte, and probably have him like, go on tour or something.  Acolytes can bring in a lot of money, and if there's one thing that Lilian mothers love, it's lots of money for 0 personal work.  This mother in particular isn't even bothering to train her son personally, although it's somewhat implied that she's a lesbian, and I was originally going to make it a lot more obvious. 


So there's the monday release.  I've already written the second half of this actually, I'll most likely be releasing it on either wednesday or friday, and then doing either Lilian Slave Pricing (because I still need to finish that) or more LBQ.  Probably Lilian Slave Pricing, though.  Y'all don't seem too enthused about Lilian Booty Queens, if pageviews are anything to go off of.  Of course, pageviews are kinda nothing to go off of, so I really don't know. 

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