Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nightly Nun 1

This is the first half of the Nightly Nun set.  It's a mostly sexual narrative, that goes through a Nun's efforts in personally tutoring a boy in sex.


Well trained to fuck
No time to suck
Dommed like a shmuck?


NN1 - Those of us who live and work in or around the Temple itself, tend to have a certain viewpoint about incest, and maternal/filial relationships.  We have a very specific interpretation of the Gospel, and we really don't deviate from it.  We see Our Goddess celebrating the beauty of a mother and son coming together in lust, and we kind of *assume* that it's some sort of commandment.  Well, it actually *isn't* a requirement, and plenty of Lilian mothers, believe it or not, *don't* have sex with their sons!  Now, that isn't to say that their sons are going unloved, or even unfucked.  Those *would* be affronts to Our Goddess.  The mother simply outsources her baby's erotic education to someone else.  Someone like *me*.  I get a lot of short term contracts, to teach boys specific skills, but I've got a long term contract, too, with a *very* well endowed young boy, named Rosemallow.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, around 8:00 PM, I'll pop into his room, to give him his nightly sex-ed training.  His mother wants him to be an acolyte one day, and honestly, with his 'physique', I think she's very much on the right track!

NN2 - When I come for 'little' Rosemallow, he (often quite literally) *dives* right in!  We don't waste time with foreplay, since *that* class is taught by an older priestess on Tuesdays, while BDSM is with my teenage apprentice, on Thursdays.  Saturday is orgy day, and the three of us make sure that Sunday, Rosemallow's solo worship day, is very well earned.  I'll normally spend some quality time with Rosemallow's mother before heading into his room, both to give him some time to 'bone up' on that night's studies, and also to keep her informed of his progress.  Of course, since she *loves* hearing about her baby's sweet sexcapades, the two of *us* will often have our own fun, making me nice and ready, for when it's time to teach.

NN3 - I'll normally start the night's lesson with a very relaxed, very *fun*, little quickie.  I'll lay back, and let him have his fun, free of any demands or expectations from my end.  He can position me however he wants, squeeze wherever feels good, lick or kiss whatever makes his little mouth water, and of course, when it's time for that sticky jizz, he's totally free to pump it out wherever feels best!  We have a lot of fun during these little 'free-roam' sessions, but they're *not* just the two of us playing around.  When Rosemallow becomes an acolyte, we're going to need to know his personal interests, fetishes, and sexual desires, in order to properly match him to a priestess, and to clients.  Giving him the space to express himself, erotically, is a big part of that.

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