Friday, April 8, 2016

Nightly Nun 2 Retrospective

I'll keep these short, I'm really tired today. 


This is the second half of nightly nun, and there's actually a lot more sexual narrative in this, than in the first one.  Whether it's between the boy and nun, or between the nun and the (unseen) mother, there's just  a ton of sex description going on.  I think that helps to keep this fun and light, which is nice.  You lose a bit of storyline, but really, most of the deeper story stuff was explored earlier.  Even the last page, though, which would have had a lot of the story, kind of skimped out, in favor of sexual narrative.  I had kind of wanted to expand the narrative between the nun and the mom, but I ran out of space, and really, with no pictures, it's not exactly the best direction to move in. 


Next week will most likely be Gonzo Guide for the most part, but I'm thinking that I'll also do a relatively straightforward sex narrative set about safe sex on wednesday.  

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