Friday, April 8, 2016

Nightly Nun 2

This is the second half of Nightly Nun.  It pretty much just finishes that story. 


bleh sick of rappin 
just go do your fappin
so I can get back to nappin


 NN4 - When my adorable student has had his playtime, it's time to get down to business.  I operate off of the assumption that Rosemallow has done his 'homework' for the night, because I *do not* waste time with theory!  We'll normally try out a new position for every week, practicing it to mastery, before moving on to the next one.  But any set of lips can do that, and *my* job is take the teaching one step further.  So I'll give my sweet student a taste of the acolyte life, making him stand on his tippytoes to fuck me from behind, and then having him hold on for dear life, while I slam my wetness back into him, again and again.  I'll take points off if he topples over, and give him extra credit, if he can manage to slap my ass or come on my lower back, while keeping his balance!

NN5 - After we've finished with the night's curricular, it's time for a little review.  I'll pick a position that we've covered previously, and give Rosemallow a chance to show me his skills.  If I'm straddling him, he'll get points for teasing my stiff nipples, or grabbing my waist, and thrusting up, to meet me on the upstroke.  If we're going at it in a sitting position, I'll reward him for rubbing my clit while he pounds away, or grabbing my thighs, to pump me like a jackhammer!  He *should* know what he's doing for these positions, so I don't go easy on him.  We'll keep this up until he makes *me* come, because as we all know, Acolytes are a 'satisfaction guaranteed' kind of business!

NN6 - Our sessions normally last around an hour, and they *always* end the same way.  Anyone who's ever watched a Lilian porno, or been to a Lilian boys bar, or even just been to a couple of Temple rituals, can tell that 'tributes' are one of the more popular services that the acolytes dish out.  We Lilians tend to want that hot, wet, shot, all over our tits, pussy, face, *feet* sometimes...  There's a theological element to it, but there's also just an element of *fun*, and just like a lot of gay Lilian boys will still grab and grope all over their favorite Nun's busty bosom, a lot of lesbian Lilians will savor the flavor of a young boy's lusty labor.  So it's something that needs to be practiced, and often, I'll use Rosemallow's 'stroke time' to complete the theological side of his erotic education.  His mother, too, will often get involved for this part, slowly rubbing herself off, while watching her lovely son do the same.  They'll climax together, and little Rosemallow will have the *distinctly Lilian* pleasure, of drifting off to the gentle moans of his sex-ed teacher being licked clean!

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