Monday, May 23, 2016

BroSis RockyTop Grand Finale

This is the final bit of BroSis RockyTop.  It covers Nikau and his big sister's first time fucking. 


They didn't do anal
Would it have been banal?


 thighjob - We'd finally gotten to the end of the week, and *finally*, the pills had kicked in.  I'd had a lot of fun with Nikau, just playing around, exploring *every* nook and cranny of his lovely body, and I know he'd enjoyed playing with me, as well.  But it was about time for the two of us to get serious.  There's nothing quite like sliding a pumped up prick deep into your dripping snatch, and I'd been looking forward to sharing that particular pleasure with my little brother, for a *long* time.  For once, though, my favorite Priestess, *and* her loving Monk, didn't have any special suggestions for us.  When I asked, they just glanced over at one another, laced their fingers together, and told me that the two of us should come together naturally, and build a *real* connection, with a ritual that was unique to *our* unique situation.  Well, Nikau and I have always had a very playful relationship.  I'd often teased him, gently, when we were younger, playing little pranks, and giving him tough challenges.  Well, I figured it was time for a very *special* game!  I didn't bother telling Nikau that my pills had kicked in, but I'd definitely gotten him to fall in love with my pussy, and I *knew* he wanted to fuck me.  That night, I led him into the ritual chamber, nude before Our Goddess, and bent over in front of the altar.  The heady scent of the incense wafted into our nostrils, and I was dripping with delight, at the prospect of feeling his stiffness.  I told him that he could rub himself off between my legs, and to my surprise, and *mild* disappointment, he actually did it!  My baby brother dutifully slid that fantastic rod, slick and hard from the excitement, between my clenched thighs, ravaging my rosebud, and eliciting more than a few pleasured squeals, from big sis!

missionsexxxtacy - Well, my game had ended with Nikau jizzing all over the offering shrine.  It was kinda hot, watching his creamy seed *slowly* drip down Lilith's lovely 'visage', but I knew what I *really* wanted!  After licking Our Goddess clean, I turned my attention to my little lover, hard, once more, from watching his lovely big sister drink down all of his cum.  I'd given a lot of thought to what I wanted our first position to be.  I'd laid back on the ritual bed, late the night before, rubbing myself off, to the beautiful paintings above, and one in particular, really called out to me.  The simple, venerable, missionary position.  The vision of Lilith, flat on her back, lazily enjoying the worship of her loving martyr, just drove me crazy!  Now, I'm not sure whether that's what the Priestess meant when she said, 'come together naturally', but it seemed inspired enough!  So when I looked down at little Nikau's pulsating tip, bobbing up and down excitedly, I laid back on that familiar ritual bed, looked up once more to Lilith's guidance, and beckoned to my little lover.  Nikau wasted no time getting on top of me, and kissing his way up my tummy, to my heaving breast, licking and sucking at my tender nipples, as his stiffness left slick trails of silvery precum all over my supple thighs.  I finally couldn't take it anymore, and reached down, to guide my baby lover inside.  His reaction was as adorable as it was unexpected.  He was mid-suck, enjoying his favorite tits, and I guess he thought I was just going to stroke him off, so when he felt that tight, hot, *wet*, little pleasure pocket, enveloping him, and teasing him in *all* the right ways, he couldn't do anything but squeeze me tight, groan into my bosom, and unload all that sweet, sweet, seed, right where it had always belonged!

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